Alien Invasion? See The Definitive News Report On Intelligent Life In The Universe

Is there other intelligent life in the universe? A new Pentagon report is sparking new intrigue, but it only scratches the surface. In this special report, MSNBC journalist Ari Melber traces the history of UFO sightings; the clash between empiricism and government secrecy; and how the advance of cell phone cameras and video technology is reshaping the search for intelligent life — with evidence that cuts both ways. (This report is one part of wider coverage that included reaction from Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson and the former CIA Director John Brennan.) (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC.

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45 Comments on “Alien Invasion? See The Definitive News Report On Intelligent Life In The Universe”

  1. Getting more and more disappointed with MSNBC and their misleading titles……..please don't turn into fox news

  2. Of course there is intelligent life in the universe other than us, they're called Yahweh, Yeshua, the angels, Lucifer and the other fallen angels. The latter, being the ones misclassified as UAP's!!!!!!

  3. There are many videos of UFO’s. Why grainy? Do the experiment yourself. Put your cell phone in your pocket. When you unexpectedly see an airplane, try to image it. I’ve practiced and tried several times. Even with a low slow moving airplane in the daytime, my best still image is a blur with protrusions. Extend the fundamental difficulty of imaging an unexpected object in the sky to an instance where you are seeing something strange, even scary, usually at night, and are probably rushing and not thinking clearly. The notion that there should be quality images available seems pretty unreasonable.

  4. Spirits manifesting 🛸 what I have witnessed nobody will tell me different……

  5. There's is no intelligent life on earth that's why we are looking for it elsewhere

  6. UFOs have been ''invading'' air space of all kinds of countries for at least 70 years. Flying around military, sometimes daily. They are known to be able to shut down nuclear missile facilities (hinting: don't use these?). Does anyone doubt the military has not better footage, but did not release it (because it is ''classified'')? And is Bob Lazar telling the truth? Did he work at area 51, trying to reverse engineer a crashed UFO?

  7. Do we have to wait till hostile alien beings attack before the Government take it serious?

  8. Of course we are not alone. The mystics have saying this for centuries. I believe that there will be a bug event coming soon that will change everything we thought was real. This will send religious people in a tail spin and put politicians in fear. This just a theory. I saw Independence Day lol 😂

  9. In the 60's there was honesty in reporting UFO's. Now it's all secretive. There must be a reason for this.
    Any galactic or intergalactic civilisation could wipe out us chimps easily.
    If they can travel between stars, or galaxies then we don't have a chance.
    So they don't care about the chimps on earth… earth is a zoo to them.

  10. Okay Neil you think you are so smart, let me just remind you that ET’s unlike everything you’ve studied or know about would be intelligent and not giant masses of rock floating in space. With Aliens the explanation is that they are INTELLIGENTLY AVOIDING OUR DETECTIONS.

  11. And also NEIL, you are missing the point, once again, it’s news that they are admitting that it’s something. That is a monumental step for the pentagon who wouldn’t even admit to the fact that it is something.

  12. Has anyone (else) considered it strange or convenient (or inconvenient) that, at almost the same moment our entrusted leaders admit that there's odd goings on in our airspace, the Hubble space telescope stops functioning properly? I'm not a conspiracy guy, but this casts the dank aroma of overripe fish sticks to me.

  13. Why are they keeping lying about the truth. EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT THESE THINGS ARE REAL. WE WILL SEE HOW SERIOUS THEY TAKE IT WHEN THEY Actually come here.

  14. aliens wondering if the planet will be salvageable in 50 years

  15. Lol, this whole presentation was stupid. The reason sightings are increasing and becoming more public is because our military's sensor capabilities and recording capabilities are getting better, and civilians aren't far behind with recent mass sightings. Footage being captured is no longer grainy and lacking in detail. MSNBC left this presentation on a note that we shouldn't take this serious, even as the US military moves forward with dedicating more and more resources into studying UAPs. They've already shut down our nuke silos at will. They've done the same around the world. Humans have lost assets and lives attempting to engage UAPs. It's no longer a question of if they exist. We need to know who they are, where they came from, and what they're doing here. That's where journalists need to be headed now.

  16. Sure hope these aliens come here and wise humans up. Couldn't come at a better time. The human animal fighting with it's own species, and destroying the planet. No animal more dangerous than the human animal.

  17. I'd give it 60% error or fake. 25% known human origin, (By US or other state or known by it). 12% unknown non human intelligence from earth or a nearby planet and 2.9% time travellers, aliens or time travelling aliens. 0.1% angels, devils, deities or something that might be confused with same, or wants to be. The angels etc are subcategorised as basically 'Magic' but remember magic is simply a science you (and everybody you know) doesn't understand so they are probably in the 40%..

  18. Evidence is overwhelming, from every area of the planet. You are NOT a hero by remaining skeptical. While the military and politicians along with media tread cautiously believing they are protecting their precious reputations, the truth is they have failed since thru their denial they deny the people of the world the truth, to the best of their ability. We have been visited, probably for hundreds of years as evidence shows and probably since long before humans walked this planet.

    One brief video is a change in the pattern of denial. I hope we find more evidence is released including some of Dr Greer' work and his compilation of witnesses with corroborating evidence.

    We deserve the truth…, we have every right to hear the truth.

  19. The alien invasion happened 50,000 years ago in Lemuria which was a technologically developed and advanced civilization . It was a great center for interplanetary communication from positive ETs such as Pleiadians, Sirians, Alderberans, Capelians, and many other civilizations that actively participated in a mission to in enhancing Mother Earth. Natives and ETs lived among each other. There were ETs doing mission work and some were refugees from galactic conflict from their planet being destroyed. It was a cosmic community. They had quantum’s devices , teleportation, dematerializing and rematerializing bodies to communicate with beings from all dimensions. These positive ETs enhanced human dna by incorporating their dna to them so their consciousness can rise. However, many non-positive forces were seeing what the positive ETs were doing and had their eye on Mother Earth. Lemuria was infiltrated by these forces that led the destruction and submersion of Lemuria into the Pacific Ocean. The ones who survived fled went to Atlantis , Mount Shasta, pyramids in Egypt, in the sphinxes, Peru, Mexico, India, and other parts in the world. Same thing happened in Atlantis it imploded. Then those that survived built colonies in the shores . Some even went to the inner earth and are called Agartians. There are secret portals on earth guarded and have hologram effect to prevent people from entering. These negatives forces of Draconians, reptilians, annunakis , Orion’s wanted earth for themselves. They created a false earth to served themselves as what you see today is their creation. They do child sacrifices with their black magic steal their consciousness and harvest their soul to fuel and hold the structural of the false matrix, along with many of their dark alien technology such as , transferring their consciousness to human bodies and posing as humans,mind control technologies such as satellites on the moon to beam low frequency to our subconscious mind, satellites in the inner earth keep the frequency low, manipulating the human dna from their galactic dna to make us mallable to serve them . Social engineered us with their mainstream news, advertising, other nefarious tools to control us. Destroy artifacts from us knowing the truth about our history. Lied to humanity that there is no life in the milky galaxy or universe .They hid a secret space program and their earth colonies they had in other planets. They have been interacting with other non positive ETs within the galaxy trading mother’s earth precious ores and trafficking humans to be used as slaves in exchange for knowledge or technologies . They put nanotechnology in our gmo foods, air, vaccines, anything that is not close to nature is their tools to use against us to keep our consciousness from evolving.They built this false earth for themselves. This false earth is collapsing. They artificial system is collapsing. They knew the positive ETs were coming back to take back what was theirs. There has been war in the space ,inner earth, and the astral plane for a long timeline . This always has been an universal issue not an American politics issue. They are trying to slow down the progression of us expanding our consciousness. Once people wake up and acknowledge they are supreme sovereign beings and they have been giving away their power to these entities it’s over for them. You have to raise your vibration and use your energy wisely. These entities feed off us when we emit low frequency . It will be a very hard time for many people to accept this information since they have deep rooted programming in their subconscious mind. It will take many lifetimes to deprogrammed . As for others we will be learning from our positive ETs as we be transition to the Golden Age to rebuilding and cleaning earth from scratch.

  20. Absolutely they were the one who helped previous generation of stone masons to build pyramids… humans just one species in divine with feelings that what is interesting for them lol not invasion of earth lol 😂 they technically much more advanced than humans they can take over in split second but they machines they have no pride or ego… lol 😂 ask Siri she knows everything but feels nothing

  21. If it’s some country with technology like that than they must be laughing but I highly doubt it. But technology like this has been talked about for decades now.

    Neil sucks and I don’t like anything he says.

  22. why don't you tell people that when they see some thing try stabilizing their phone or camera with a fence or a telephone pole, or any thing you can lean against to make your videos clearer and take the shake out of your hand!. when people learn and use this trick they will be surprised at the better quality of video they shoot!.

  23. Proof of Aliens just left the White house! This is a little scary considering the lack of intelligence.

  24. I'm going to pose this question, why would humans try to communicate with an ant or ant colony? That's all I'm saying 😂.

  25. Government reports released that they have been studying these crafts for over 70 years

  26. The fragile cat oceanographically jail because hydrant strangely suffer with a reflective quarter. organic, nonchalant piano

  27. Ari, seriously, this is fundraising artwork. I could make this in adobe after effects. The DOD is facing stringent budget reviews because the Dems are in charge… meet the new boogieman.

  28. oh look! the military industrial complex who owns the media is using the media to release bogus footage of ufos to scare us! gee i WONDER why that could be?????? do we REALLY need a fake alien threat to fund your stupid space force? you already spend 780 BILLION tax dollars a year and most of that can't be traced….. just do what you already do and take all our money and build your little satellite bombs, k?

  29. So far now, no intelligent life found on earth! Alien's said they even met ex President Trump! Say no more!!

  30. Alien Invasion? this has been in the plans for over 100yrs. An artificial alien invasion is being worked on by the government (Holograms). Why do you think someone like Obama is now speaking on it? they want us to now believe when past 50yrs they said it was all lies, and nothing to see. Demoncrats are in desperate mode since COVID is not working as they wanted. They want the one world order and what better way to scare humans than an artificial alien invasion. And if you all don't believe it, would you have believed if someone told you in 2010 that a virus was coming? search it and you will find it. This is all planned and everyone (ALL PEOPLE) has to fight against this evil government.

  31. They are near and over military installations. Isnt thats whats called recon? Before an assualt

  32. Want me to answer your questions? We are a science experiment. While good ones try to coax us in the right directions and bad ones hybridize us to implant drones to take control.

  33. Fuzzy monochromatic videos = Cutting edge FLIR on a 62 MILLION dollar F/A 18 Super Hornet……🤔

  34. The word, "DEFINITIVE" was used in the title. There are obviously people who don't know what that word means, and they work at msnbc.

  35. Well this will have the GOP frothing over illegal alien Aliens, white supremacist will be protesting little green men, BEM's and people eating Things from other worlds.

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