Alien Invasion,UFO News Dr Michio Kaku Study Suggests UFO Alien Invasions may be Real.

New science is suggesting that aliens may be very real, and that they may not be as cuddly as E.T. Host Michelle Rodriguez (Avatar, Battle:LA) brings together top scientists, military strategists and writers to dramatize what would happen if and when aliens attacked.


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18 Comments on “Alien Invasion,UFO News Dr Michio Kaku Study Suggests UFO Alien Invasions may be Real.”

  1. yep fake alien invasion all based on the evil elites plans to begin the new world which will fail. but we all know its done by project blue beam,.

  2. @TONYLOVESU – Come and say it to my face you dumb fu*k, you have no idea who your talking to.

  3. @TONYLOVESU That is not necessarily true. If you understand the Law of Accelerating Returns which explains the exponential growth in technology, then we are likely to advance over ten times more, technologically, in the next 100 years than we did in the last 100 years.

  4. @TONYLOVESU actually the germans developed this technology. the reactor Die glocke is not in fact a saucer it is the reactor for Haunebu. in this video you will see vril 2 and haunebu discs. I designed a few RFZ machines myself.

  5. Sorry Folks TONYLOVESU has insulted several people on this thread and has been banned from our channel. If you would like to respond to his comments, i suggest visiting that channel to continue your discussion.

  6. It's completely obvious they are desperate to push the agenda of global government and as if the global warming scam and financial collapse were not enough they are now recurring to fear mongering of an alien invasion. Ironic because for so many years alien existence was simply denied all over the world but now it serves a higher purpose and as such it must come to the front pages. It's not by chance that we are seeing more and more UFO's testimonies and footages.

  7. @IndigoEric Hahaha, that's hilarious. Do we need to hold each others hands across the countryside, united as a people? Will the Aliens then FINALLY join us in harmonious fashion? Sounds legit, I'm down. Hahaha.

  8. im pretty sure if an alien invasion hapend n they were kicking our ass there would be like a world wide constription rule again where everbody joins the amry

  9. there is so much proof most people arent even aware of you just have to read up or go to thepolishedknobs page

  10. Aliens using our own system against us? A system THEY created for this purpose perhaps? Could our modern debt slavery based economy fit that scenario? We're all born on this planet yet humans are the only species that has to pay to live here. I'd say that qualifies all of us as slaves. Plus, aliens don't need to invade to enslave and kill us off, we're doing it for them. We're the only species that predates upon itself through initiatory force. Aliens are munching popcorn and enjoy the show.

  11. there will never be such thing like alien invasion, space is peacefull place, and people think that other inteligent creatures think like them, mean war etc. because they are high developed society(fact that they can travel through space) for them war, lack of tolerance idea of rule and power is something like child thinking, and that is why we are still not ready for first contact, we are unmature and will not understand many things, first we need to find a common language among ourselves

  12. btw all alien attack agression etc in films is only visualisation of our own psyche, mentality, wathever you call it. if they want to destroy us, it will be like crushing an ant

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