Alien Probe Watching Humanity As It Deals With Coronavirus? UFO Sighting News.

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  1. I laughed today, and Said to a Buddy…..would be funny If the Aliens Land to save us from the Virus……✌️

  2. Inner and outer gnosis… the content in this video. Years of observations. Not only facts.
    I wish I were a Godess who could heal us all… In a good way… at the expence of noone or nothing. I am crying for humanity, for the animal kingdom, for the greenery with soul and for the innocence and purity that gives brightness to life… this WILL stop, we will not go extinguished, but the suffering of the affected and their familys is a cruel part of our evolution, we becoming loving humans or at least beings worthy living here. (The individuals delivering this upon humanity are only channelers, not even aware of the bigger picture or their own part in it) . 🌼Thank You beautiful soul for offering Your own safety for us all.
    How can one not love You🌼m

  3. In my opinion C.V. should be an act of war why we still allow people to make such things it's going to be worse than an EMP

  4. All viruses mutate. influenza mutates every year. it also kills way more people then Covid 19. Per year. There have been 5 extinction events that we know of it's inevitable to have more. Humans are infants in the grand scheme of the universe.

  5. Hi Scott. I think you are 100% right that it’s something watching the progress of the corona virus. Stay healthy and safe.

  6. A visitor from far far away looking down at us, why? A UFO? Wow where did this new moon thing come from or what planet gave birth to it if any planet did? Thanks for the great info as always Scott.


  8. My question Scott is, "are those cosmic observers either MALEVOLENTS or BENEVOLENTS", that's observing this highly troubled planet. Uc they must realize by now that this world is now challenged with the alleged Anti Christ leaning figure in DC, who's been stankin up the U.S. oval office like burnt sulfur ash for a little over 3yrs now, which to me is obviously d trump & his corrupt & facistic leaning republiCON cabinet crew whos actively destroying a cohesive american gov't, while trumps boss putin laughs himself silly at the U.S. while he's home in the Kremlin. And now all a sudden the planet is facing a sudden global plague event!. Now I'm not a conventional JC theocratic leaning kinda guy, but what a COINCIDENCE to behold & mentally guestion in these dire trumpean/putonian times that's threatning the planet…

    And why would the MALEVOLENT or BENEVOLENT otherworlders would even give a flyin F as long as the physical earth itself is not totally destroyed by todays highly troubled earth humanitys nuclear waring machinations Uc now. And could they foresee a future event on earth where this corona virus would manifest into global nuclear annihilation of present existing humanity.??? Well we will soon find out. ☝️👾🤙🌎

  9. reflection does not mean it is metallic Our moon reflects but it does bring to mind ancient stories of the earth having 2 moons Maybe that is where it went ?

  10. Who cares about a mutated Corona virus when the original Corona 2019-nCoV will kill between estimated 28 Million and 49 Million people on planet earth within 1 year !? A vaccine for the original Corona 2019-nCoV will be available in early 2021, so say the experts… until then as predicted by the famous Harward Professor of epidemiology Marc Lipsitch "the old"and "the weak" will already be dead ! This virus will kill every person on this planet who has a bad health situation. Be prepared to say good by to your beloved ones like Grandpa and Grandma who already have bad physical constitutions or heavy chronic diseases.
    He predicts 40 – 70 % of the world population will be infected !

    We have 7 Billion people on earth ! That is a huge number : People !!!
    If only 40 % is infected that would mean 2.800.000.000 infected people ( 2 Billion 800 Million People ) !

    If only 1 % of them will die because of Corona 2019-nCoV —-> 28 Million people will die ! ! !
    When 70 % of world population will be infected ( whic is the worst case scenario ) it will be 49 Million DEAD people ! ! !

    And you can imagine if the Corona will kill 2 % or may be 3 % of the infected population it will be double or tripple the numbers !
    The MORTALITY RATE by Corona Virus in China is 2,1 % right now ! ! !

    Did you know that the Corona Virus is able to stay active for up to 9 days on any kind of surface !?
    I mean 9 days under perfect circumstances, but normaly between 4 – 5 days !!!

    The materials on which it can survive and stay higly infectious are for example : glas, plastic , any kind of metal, clothes, ceramics, wood, liquids like water, juice, soft drinks, beer, food, silicone, stone, concrete, leather,, etc., etc.

    This virus is waiting to infect the next human literally EVERYWHERE !!!!

    It´s a very sad thing and all we can do is making our immune system stronger by supplementing Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 in a high dose per day and do cardio sports ! ! !
    Vitamin D3 should be 10.000 IE per day and Vitamin K2 200 microgramm per day and not less !

    Modern people who are living in big cities almost lost the ability to produce Vitamin D3 in a natural way :
    The only natural way to produce Vitamin D3 is by taking regular sunbaths WITHOUT using suncream including protective UVA and UVB blockers and WITHOUT wearing sunblocker clothes for at least 20 minutes every second day.
    Yes the sun can cause skin cancer , but in 20 minute dose ( unprotected ) every second day —> it will produce Vitamin D3 in our skin AS LONG as the sun is higher than 45 degrees in the sky ! Doesn´t work in the morning or evening sun ! 45 degrees is the minimum angle !

    And if extraterrestrials are really watching us , they will never help us as they might be afraid of getting infected themselves.
    Have you watched the Hollywood movie " The War of the Worlds " ? It is based on the science-fiction-novel of Herbert George Wells from 1898.
    The last movie based on that novel showed Tom Cruise as the main actor. At the end of the movie all extraterrestrials on earth die by an epidemic influenza virus infection.

  11. CLEARLY this ASSHOLE doesnt know what he is talking about, because he gets his fucking news from FOXNEWS

  12. There is definitely something about this virus the government’s of the planet aren’t telling us

  13. The flu has killed roughly 16000 Americans this season. Everyone is worried about the coronavirus that showed up last year. Compare the numbers.

  14. 🗣️🌬️😷💊💉🌡️⚗️⚠⚠️☢️☣️ Extraterrestrial Alien Grimm Reaper the Devil Satan & God created it through us humans & are inside that UFO observing!

  15. Hi Scott is this new moon the same object that flew in front of the telescope pointed towards the sun?by chance

  16. . “ But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness.
    “A wise man will hear
    and increase learning,
    And a man of understanding
    will attain wise counsel,
    To understand a proverb
    and an enigma,
    The words of the wise
    and their riddles.
    The fear of the Lord is
    the beginning of knowledge,
    But fools despise wisdom and instruction.”
    (Proverbs 1:5-7)

  17. I have been saying this from the very beginning of this outbreak and that it is a man made virus. They say that with all the international flights the world over is the reason for the spread of the virus then I ask you this" how many people from the (1%) that travel constantly are victims of the virus??? Now wouldn't at least 1 have been contaminated ?. Just a little more suspicious concerning the amount of time these power brokers spend jetting to n from the countries which are mostly affected by this"freak of nature virus"" yet not one casualty!. Mmmm bout as freakily unknown appearance as was the AIDS/ HIV virus n we all know that was man made! Welcome to the beginning of the end mouth breathers. Craig xx good look guysxx

  18. Do you think it has anything to you with thsat massive object you can see on stereo ahead 2 ….

  19. REALLY irresponsible. I was on your site and you are talking about statistics! Are you an epidemiologist? A statistician? So, its the end of April, I have a PhD in Microbiology. The death rate from covid-19 is FAR lower than the annual flu numbers. It REALLY irritates me when I see ppl like you putting false info out when you have NO idea what you are talking about! If you want to know EVERYTHING about covid-19, see Dr. Rashid Buttar's videos on the subject!

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