Alien Ship Parked In Shadows Of Tycho Crater, Moon, UFO Sighting News.

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  1. There appears to be a circle of stalagmite type objects in front of the smaller structure. Both the large and small structures you pointed out look to have reflective lights that do not illuminate any area. These structures do look like made objects as versus natural. The circle of stalagmites also look made though they could be natural but from the vantage point given, they look like a perfect circle. This again, Scott, is a very good catch. Proving my belief that you are the best. I am sure you have developed a keen intuition of these things, not just the eyes for them. Thanks again for showing them. Will talk at you later and God bless.

  2. There's some more truth hitting "nasa"in the face & everyone else who wants to deny it.
    Scott, I've found that your video's are not "recommended for you" as I scroll, and they have it that way on purpose because you find things that know one else would ever think to look for or find. Most of all it would make the lametards at nasa look even more dumb!!! Your the best at this period point blank!! Keep it commin' friend😊🎯

  3. Boy that picture won't last after you showing it, they look cylindrical structures pretty cool, good job Scott….

  4. Most interesting Scott. There seems to be a few things hiding in the shadows there.
    Most thought provoking

  5. They are peaks in the valley. You can see the 2 peak tips shadows casting at the left edge of the main shadow.

  6. Defiantly looks like a parked ufo and at a different angle a jet the other one might be a smaller ship or maybe a little structure is there any way if knowing how big they are ? Great find how do you do it 👏👍🏻

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