Alien Structures and 75km Ship On Ceres, UFO Sighting News.,-60.6781306,212723m/data=!3m1!1e3


12 Comments on “Alien Structures and 75km Ship On Ceres, UFO Sighting News.”

  1. They into manifestation for Quick creation!!! Just into writing while this post uploaded. So I send You this. You know… as we need areas on Earth for practicing in building etc aliens also do need places for learning… to do so. Thinking about the outstanding monolith the other day. 'Practicing manifestationskills' is what came to mind while focusing. Suits well with Your initiating words to this video about their laziness🌞this is great, Thank You🌼M

  2. My goodness,so many structures all over this thing it’s amazing,I wish there is someway that I could view Ceres in its totality and go searching myself,I’d have a field day,!!!!,and so,once again an amazing find,I just love your channel,I go to it so much,because I know that I’ll find some other structures that you might not have pointed out to us,not that you don’t know they are there which I’m sure you rigorously scour these photos,lol,thank you once again! Please keep up this amazing work ,look forward to all your videos,comments,everything related to E.T.Database! Mr. Scot C Waring,your the best!!!!!

  3. Hey scott just watched your vid of craft hovering in our atmosphere from a news source.yet u havnt posted it here yet.great work btw i never get notifications of your videos i have to go to subscriptions n then watch them.

  4. I really hope this guy is not serious. If humans have devolved to this level of stupidity, we're in serious trouble as a race.

  5. i subscribed thinking you were actually serious but your just trying to monetize a crap channel

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