Alien Structures Found On Moon, NASA Source, UFO Sighting News.



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  1. There’s a hundred videos at least of aliens using the convenience of all the craters to enter the innards of the moon. Moon is probably a base of some kind and probably not even a true moon!!

  2. At :35 seconds into video you were showing the 2 circled objects ( 1 in darkness, 1 in light). Stop video there
    .. it is very clear.
    Look at the circled object in the darkness ( left side).
    It really looks like a vehicle. You can see the wheels. The black spot could be a window or door.
    Also, above the circled object in the light( right side)….. look above it.
    It looks like a building complex. Also, looks like a "pipe" going out into the darkness. Almost creates a 'v'.
    Keep looking at that building complex. Again, looks like a semi round building with 'hut' types of buildings behind it.
    Really looks like a large group of buildings.
    ( honestly, I don't usually "see" anything… but this time… that vehicle stood right out and then while looking around I noticed the rest).

  3. Hi, this time using magnifyingglass while watching the details of interest, it works🌞3:24:like the silhuett of a donkey, large ears and the paler part around the nostrils…even reminding of a rabbit🌞legends talking about the earthly ark… I remember Plato and his writings about the shadows…(Balineese shadowtheatre!!! What about aliens and theatre???) 🌞🌞🌞

  4. There are clouds or a fog on the moon. It’s been shown before and you can see it in places here. It seems to mostly cover low lying portions of the moon, just like here on earth. That’s why they give you black and white photos, so nothing stands out

  5. Wow awesome stuff Scott, they look highly suspicious & out of place, don't what they are or could be because in interstellar outerspace there's no natural mother nature out there, that only used to exsist on here on Earth, only paranormal anomalies exist out there🖖👽🤖👾🛰️☄️🚀👻

  6. Hello Scott I have ran through there in the past. You got to admit those are strange Structures. It even appears that sum. Look older than others. Awesome work. Hey have you seen something on the moons surface that appears to look like a Huge flat I call it a rock crabb. I'm serious as a heart attack seen it and 3 photos that I looked up yeah I know what I'm looking at and it camouflage itself is not many of them but there's a couple I'll see if I can find it . But have you ever seen something that crossed your mind like that may be possible.

  7. At 3:30 you have a structure circled, what about the square objects in the upper right corner?
    Many non-natural objects there.
    I'm a photo analyst, so please understand how difficult it is to find every anomaly, this website does a fantastic job, especially as a single person enterprise! We had many people all study the same photos because 1 person can't see it all. Great work!!!

  8. Hi Scott amazing finds very interesting and there seems to be more faces in this photo also lots of what looks like carvings? Yes very interesting images Scott.🎥👍

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