Alien Structures On Asteroid Vesta, March 8, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: March 8, 2015
Location of discovery: Asteroid Vesta
NASA source:

I was looking at NASA photos and came across this faded old photo from 2011. I decided it looked like it had a few structures on it, so I added focus and the buildings popped out at me. Also if you look at this video in full screen and hold up your cell phone camera, you will see some detail much better. SCW


9 Comments on “Alien Structures On Asteroid Vesta, March 8, 2015, UFO Sighting News.”

  1. Why assume that the structures are "Alien"…?
    They could have been man-made. We have not been told everything there is to know by NASA and other secret space agencies.

  2. The quality of the pictures is so bad, its so obvious they have been airbrushed, whitewashed, repainted and smudged by the pentagon/air force/NASA. Life exists and we don't need the defense department to tell us that.

  3. What's the YouTube option called that shows your picture in the back ground while you edit you pictures?

  4. Scott check out this found 1st Oct 2015 in sol 1082, stunning as it not only has the figure and the bunker and his altar or marker, it has tracks of his movement in the form of broken down sand bank which we never find in sol and the big one is it has his footsteps, several rows of them where he has been back and forth, this is a killer photo for NASA
    It is the main photo on my channel and will remain the main video!!!

  5. Not that sure because small asteroid has a mix of collected objects smashed together
    Too normal 2 have a square crater
    But why didnt u noticed the boy face in a sun center
    By the end of video?
    Which may be a god picture of a some religion?
    Thisvideo is not convencing at all
    Your sphere structures on mars were a fantastic discovery as they are with even spaces and sizes
    Its somthing U should tell NASA about
    And u should be helpfull 2 them man
    You have a real logic and you made fantastic effort
    But your enthusiasm lets u exadurate somtines
    Great effort thank youman😊💚

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