Alien Writing And Structure On Mars, Dec 25, 2019, UFO Sighting News.

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21 Comments on “Alien Writing And Structure On Mars, Dec 25, 2019, UFO Sighting News.”

  1. Have to find out about the B!!!(reminding of roman bathtubs or so!!!) Yesterday my brother told me about IAU(the International Astronomical Union) and its concerns about companys planning for providing communicationservices for remote areas sending out many, many thousands of satellites into space(Earths orbit)… larger satellitesconstellations up to tens of thousands will soon outnumber all previously launched satellites… this will totally change our perception of the sky… like pollution. How will this affect times to come? Navigationsystem for birds etc.? You asked about topic for coming videos and this is so important. Thank You for this film. Symbols are interesting and important in many ways. 🌼M

  2. Any sane mind knows that NASA is not sending all these probes and landers to Mars for years to just dig up dirt. We’ve spent more time on Mars than the moon for some reason…

  3. Looks like entrances where you pointed out a triangle/pyramid! It definitely looks more like a B when you went back to it a 2nd time…..Great finds! So much evidence up there, it's beyond comprehension!
    Anywho….Wishing you and yours a Happy Christmas & a very Merry New Year…..20/20 I feel is gonna be more disclosure, and some substancial, compelling. & unpresidented proof!🎅🎄🎁😻✌🌹🙏🤙👍👌

  4. Letter B: What a lesson..communication here on Earth, via internet(without physical interaktion, nuances behind words etc not available, how easy with misinterpretations) makes me wonder about contact between different species. Just a letter… B… without its history, its context in a cultural setting… Communication here on Earth a jeopardy… what about interstellar ones? My recent lifelesson giving me a new respect for the word itself, communication. And how devastating hasty reactions can be… What will be when majority start to interact with our brothers and sisters from space? Some born here on Earth, way ahead in knowing about us, some, the majority, still here to come. How can we prepare? How many generations will be needed to open the doors, not just in a craft newly landed on Earth, but into a whole new lifeparadigm? This sign, a B or not, like an eyeopener into these questions… rather philosophical than linguistic I think. And that is a good start for continued thinking
    when it comes to all sorts of interactions, physical or not.

    Thank You, Vielen Dank, Merci, Gracias, Tack,

  5. Yes it does look like 13? great find Scott and intelligently made objects laying all around also parts of craft laying around as well. 🎥👍

  6. The surrounding geology is rife with fractured bedrock/regolith that creates patterns that can easily be imagined to look like structures that are unnatural. So far another yawn from "Alien/UFO experts". All-natural artifacts and nothing profound! When you see them (alien structures/life), you will know it and there will be no need for convoluted explanations.

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