37 Comments on “'Aliens Exist,' According to Ex-Israeli Space Chief”

  1. We haven't even fully explored our own oceans, and he wants to act like he knows everything about the universe. Whatever. Scientists are supposed to be open to new possibilities.

  2. My issue is if they are here then there tech is significantly higher then ours. Could we even offer discovery of tech they do not know? Life span could explain this if they live far longer then us. But using earth as a standered 100 years would mean most likely we would slow there progress

  3. If aliens are REAL, the story of the Bible And Jesus are all just bullshit so what happens when you Die.

  4. Do not mess with these things, they are demonic, evil, what you see in a UFO is like an iceberg you only see some of it the rest is in another dimension or spectrum! They are the spirit of the offspring of angels and human women therefore not human therefore not written in the book of life, stranded on earth till judgement day! Don't mess with these things!

  5. What people call aliens always amuses me. If another biological being lives in the depths of our oceans or deep Earth does that make them aliens? They were here long before us.

  6. The last con that Israel and America worked on together was the WMD in Iraq con.

    All of a sudden all these "experts" appeared ther all agreed that Iraq had thousands of tons of wmd.

    When the war was started and.no wmd found, there factions all slithered away.

    So the real question is why does Israel want to join America in this con.

  7. Who no,s but I do no there's alot of humans you can't tell anything. If they are aliens they probably think we're primates

  8. What would this 4 eye nerd know he’s just hater cause nobody’s keeping him in the loop haha LOOK AT MY FACE 4 EYES 👽

  9. Well then they can't be happy about the slow genocide of Palestinian people imprisoned in Gaza.

  10. Humans have learned 5% knowledge about the earth. There are places on earth where nobody has been to. Living beings are there. There are portals and gates right here on earth. Airplanes that attempt to fly around those areas will get missing.

  11. What if its just humans in super secretive modernised aircraft taking people and experimenting on them and drugging them. So they don't remember a thing.. as now in the modern day we have something called human rights, which opposes the things they used to do to experiment on living human beings in asylums etc… Fucking up their work. The pythagorean illuminati are 150-200 years in front technology wise.. We at the bottom of the food chain use their old drabble technology thinking its new 😂😂😂😂

  12. I have said for years that the global elite only require about 500 million of us peasants to live their lifestyle due to AI & robots so a human population cull is imminent which will be blamed on terrorists or aliens. Looks like aliens might get the nod on this one. In case anyone hasn't noticed, the last major global population reduction was WW2 & that was almost 80 years ago so we are overdue an event. Covid failed.

  13. The Nazis had flying saucers before WW2. During that War they shipped those saucers and a huge amount of supplies and equipment to a complex they had constructed 2 miles under the ice on the South Pole called New Berlin.
    Look up US Pentagon Operation High Jump lead by Admiral Byrd to attempt to conquer New Berlin in 1946. 5,000 men, 20 planes, aircraft carrier, battle ship. They were defeated in three weeks by Flying Saucers. True History.

  14. Aliens exist: you been snooping around the southern border of the USA . Lot and lots of aliens. Thousands of illegals too.

  15. We are not alone in that very big universe, who think that is really very naiv 🙄
    There are Extraterrestrial that look like us… for example the Pleiadians… they are humans

  16. Who is that bloke? Why did she ask.him? Why not interview the Israeli guy? Horses mouth not jabbering nonentity.

  17. Are all of you aware that those arguments like "Humanity isn't ready " are from scifi stories right? i mean we humanity has been in contact with entities from the time told in the bible, it's obvious, so the only one's saying humanity isn't ready are the government…!!

  18. They are not extraterrestrial, they are extra dimensional, which would make total sense why they made contact with Israel first. The world is ready to kneel down to a false god.

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