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We’ve played a full mission of Aliens: Fireteam, the three-player PvE survival co-op shooter due out this Summer from Cold Iron Studios, and we’d like to tell you about it. Aliens: Fireteam will be released on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and Xbox One.

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45 Comments on “Aliens: Fireteam – The First Hands-On – IGN First”

  1. “Alien isolation overstaying its welcome”
    I’m sorry but a minute in and you lost me

  2. The disrespect Alien Isolation gets from this clown and IGN is sickening.

    Alien Isolation is not only one of the best Alien games ever made, it's also one of the best survival horror games made as well.

    Do better or get a different job you muppet.

  3. meh, why are all alien shooter games kinda meh.. avp, alien colonial marines..twice and now fireteam.

  4. Me thinking about how this game looks like a cheap cash grab WWZ ripoff:
    The comments: Alien: Isolation!!!

    Praise Creative Assembly, btw. The story of how they made Isolation is nothing short of incredible. They deserve a shot at a sequel. We all do. 🙂

  5. I’m ok with people not loving alien isolation because of pacing issues between segments, but to say that and then appraise a game that so far looks highly inferior in every way to isolation is pretty hypocritical.

  6. Gonna get ripped for this but if they made a pvp aliens vs marines that would be incredible. Colonial marines multiplayer despite being buggy was very fun and I’m sure it wasn’t just me that liked it.

  7. Sounds like it couldn't be more bog standard left 4 dead clone with the standard type of aliens involved but typical IGN overselling

  8. My partner is a HUGE Alien fan and he's put more hours into Alien Isolation than any other game in the last decade. You guys are WRONG about that game. Admit it

  9. Aliens Colonial Marines and Stasis Interrupted all using Templar GfX was an amazing game. The story alone was perfect in how it undid the mistake of 1991.

  10. spitter is not new… was in 2010 avp… and the burster is just a boiler pretty much, so those 2 aint new to the series, but still dont mind em being in there just ign dont say they are new

  11. Alien isolation is how the alien universe should be brought to life in a video game. Never really liked Cameron's take on the Aliens, making them weak and easy to kill.

  12. Having the xenomorphs highlighted that way take a lot away from the threat they present to humans. Like the name says they should be more "alien", now they feel like goombas rom super mario.

  13. The androids are what ruins the old games. No androids. Marines,aliens and maybe a dlc where a predator shows up and may help you or hunt u instead

  14. GOing into june, still without even a release date. How on earth is it supposed to come out this summer if it's still not far enough along they even know when in summer?

  15. Looks like garbage, even by colonial marines standards. Its going to be yet another major flop

  16. I'm sick of these coop games going the no splitscreen route. Theres no way I'm buying this if it doesnt have splitscreen

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