Aliens Fireteam, Timeline Lore, New Alien Species and Weapons, March News Round-Up – Rumour Control

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29 Comments on “Aliens Fireteam, Timeline Lore, New Alien Species and Weapons, March News Round-Up – Rumour Control”

  1. cant wait for fire team looks to be an okay game and i think the lore it will bring will be pretty good

  2. Please make the Spitters OP as they should be! I did not like the revamped design the Original colonial marines design was beter not the game but the design

  3. This game reminds me of Star Wars Battlefront by DICE – No depth, but enjoyable for a few plays. I hope i am wrong.

  4. I wonder is the events of Aliens Colonial Marines canon in this timeline because by the time of Aliens Fireteam everybody knew that WY is the bad guy and a security act has been established possibly to prevent the disastrous incident of LV-426 the destruction of both the USS Sulaco, Sephora and the death of countless marines from happening again

  5. Even if i don't like Prometheus and Covenant, i like the design of the Deacon (and probably his evolution in Ultramorph) and the Neomorph, happy to see Cold Iron wants to include these 2 new species in the game.

  6. I just wished this was first person and had a pvp mode where you can play as a queen and control waves of xenos at the enemy team or some shit.

  7. Great video mate. I really like your idea of what the book and game will cover and that it will be involving elements of the prequel movies, especially Prometheus. I was thinking maybe the Spitter Xenomorph is a result of biological engineering of a Neomorph as it looks similar to one. It’s great that the universe is expanding and I personally like it covering the prequels and the originals. Really excited for this.

  8. I really wish they would drop the LV classification. There are so many classifications that exist today. Why do they limit themselves for "nostalgia" ? Its just getting old at this point in my opinion.

  9. Im excited to play a 3rd person Alien game massive fan of all things Alien so hope this turns out well its looking good.

  10. I really hope we are fighting the Aliens for at least 75% of the game.
    Having to fight humanoids in CM was one of the big reasons that game was awful.

  11. One of the aliens look like the ones from chimps from Cold Forge.

    It would be neat to add cold forge and peacock lake to the game

  12. Story sounds ok…but if there's just a battalion of what 300 Marines or 1,200.. as in reality. Why 3 man fire teams why not 32 vs 32

  13. Why did the Xenomorph cross the space-lane?

    Because Ripley blew it out the fucking air lock!

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