Aliens not ruled out as being behind recent UFO sightings

Leaked information from intel officials says there is no evidence that aliens are responsible for recent UFO sightings, but they are also not being ruled out. Investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell reacts.

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38 Comments on “Aliens not ruled out as being behind recent UFO sightings”

  1. who is this "reporter" and how does he hold a job that could go to someone with some integrity?

  2. As a general threshold advanced lifeforms won't make contact with lower forms of intelligence until they develop 5G technology, that's why they're suddenly, albeit slowly, revealing themselves.

  3. The example of [this] worldly life is but like rain which We have sent down from the sky that the plants of the earth absorb – [those] from which men and livestock eat – until, when the earth has taken on its adornment and is beautified and its people suppose that they have capability over it, there comes to it Our command by night or by day, and We make it as a harvest, as if it had not flourished yesterday. Thus do We explain in detail the signs for a people who give thought.

    Please read the Quran once in your mother language

  4. Will the aliens social distance, Do I need to wear a mask for alien virus's, I do hope so… Lock down lock down, lock down forever…..

  5. Where is the video of the Trump speech from the other day Fox News? Fox News = liberal news

  6. They know! They’ve been studying, even know they can be summoned and have retrieved crashed craft and possible bodies.

  7. I really don't know why people are just adamant against it being aliens. To think that we are the only intelligence in this basically infinite universe is just the height of arrogance. Pretty much every religion on earth talks about visitors from the sky. I think they may have been visiting longer than anyone thinks.

  8. Just one thing. If these objects are aliens why do they always have flashing lights like all aircraft have? What is the purpose of strobe lights on an intergalactic and or interdimensional vehicle? Bling?? 👽

  9. Why are they interviewing these so called researchers? At this point they should be bringing back abductees they labeled crazy apologize and ask them what happened in their encounters and who they were. I think they’re a bit more qualified

  10. These night vision and radar pictures just are not going to cut it anymore.
    We need this to be taken to the NEXT LEVEL of visualization. I need to see a picture or video like walking on a car dealership lot and seeing a new car in
    High Definition. Please don't tell me this is all were going to see in the coming decades.

  11. I think we are looking in the wrong direction. Stop looking to space, and look in the ocean. NASA was formed to look into the ocean, and ever since then they are looking towards different planets.

  12. If it's not alien technology, then whose is it. I knew nothing would come of this in the first place.

  13. Those so called “newscasters “ are co conspirators in deceiving the world. They ought to be ashamed for stooping so low in their lives. It’s embarrassingly cringeworthy to see them deliver these absurd scripts as if they are serious journalists.

  14. ALIENS DONT EXIST . why is fox pushing their that we've been calling for years? They're going to use "aliens" as a threat / excuse for devastating disasters that the government creates

  15. You can't even explain what it is so why is fox news acting like they know better than the most powerful intel network on earth? Guess the government was right in hiding intel cus idiots like this will spin it into distrust.

  16. Ancient Aliens, Ancient Astronauts, Elohim, Anunnaki, Igigi, The Watchers, The Sons of God, Fallen Ones, Stars of Heaven, Sky People, Nephilim, Angels & Demons. If they are here, they've likely been here for a very long time, and they have had many names besides. There's nothing new under the Sun.

  17. We better hope these UAPS that have been flying in and out of American Air Spaces for Decades, are Extraterrestrial. Because if these UAPS are from Forigen countries, then America is in BIG TROUBLE!

    If these UAPS are from Forigen countries, then our Intelligence agencies, should All be FIRED! Because these UAPS have been flying in American Air Spaces for Decades!

    And how can the UAP Task Force Report say that they know the UAPS are Not Extraterrestrial, when they also said, that they Don't know what these UAP objects are? Their statement, doesn't make Any sense!

  18. Ok lets think about this. Russia fell apart in 1990 could not even fuel their tanks. China has been stealing US tech. So not China not Russia. Who else?

  19. Only aliens that are real are the illegal ones pouring into our country. Why the world hasn't our military stepped in to protect us? Now these reports are just a distraction from the stolen election, hunters laptop, Kerry betrayal of Israel, Michelle Obama is the first transgender male in white house, covid came from wuhan lab in china that the democrats funded, masks don't help, we didn't want to join Paris peace accord but Dems don't care what the country wants….ect

  20. Please just wake up people and except this as truth. Just open your hearts and except it so we can get out of this slave system that u dont even know u are in. U work, get paid, give it back with little to no joy. No life. That is not freedom. The quicker u get this, the easier it is for them to do there job and liberate us. Which is what they are trying to do. Just except them. Feel love. Thats all that is needed. There not hostile. Our government, your owners are hostile! Wake up! Read bible so u will get it. Jesus is on one of those ships. There are thousands and thousands of them. They created you. They love you. Let them help us, please.

  21. Extraterrestrial Aliens don't really bother me too much. Other than a few cattle mutilations and anal probes…. they seem to keep to themselves. It's all the Aliens at the southern border that concerns me the most.

  22. Leaked? Really? Well, Jeremy has to make a living so he says "Leaked". As far as I can tell Jeremy can't even understand the data on a FLIR video and doesn't understand why the green triangular images are caused by the triangular IRIS in the IR enhancer. Get someone with skill and knowledge on the show.

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