Aliens & UFO (NEWS): Area 51 Raid now…ALIENSTOCK FESTIVAL??? Yes, here are all of the updates!

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11 Comments on “Aliens & UFO (NEWS): Area 51 Raid now…ALIENSTOCK FESTIVAL??? Yes, here are all of the updates!”

  1. That's not the real guy it's clearly a government clone done by the government to distract everybody from the real goings-on and this alien festival is the government conspiracy to stop people raiding finding out the truth man don't fall for the tricks and lies man it's all done with mind control agencies in our food and water man don't trust a man man don't trust them they're watching and my machine how YouTube Google eBay and Amazon accounts building up information and sell it to businesses and profiting with the government your computer system supplied to the world they call the internet located in Silicon Valley and these corporations control the government's man due to the fact that they're looking to meet the highest possible profit do your own research it's all about the money man and we win nothing cos it's all about the profit margin looked at the Google YouTube Amazon and eBay amongst other businesses algorithms and that's enough conspiracies for me

  2. When your GETTING permits to march or protest it's not civil disobedience… some point if people want CHANGE they will not get it by ASKing nicely those who FUCKED them for 200 years , really for 2000 years

  3. I think we should still see what they are hiding. You can't trust the government. They are messed up and deserve to be raided. If there was nothing really there then why won't they PROVE IT!!!

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