Aliens UFO's and Fake news.

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Aliens UFO’s and Fake news.
We have had a bit of a run on fake videos at the moment and this continues with a man who created arguably the most famous fake video of them all
And it was all done in age pre-CGI, yet for decades it fooled many
Experts and your average man on the streets alike.
Today we live in an age when video can be so convincingly created that countries like China are even replacing real people with digitally rendered creations.
So how did the ‘alien autopsy hoaxers’ pull such a long-running con so successfully for so many years?
Let’s take a look.

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13 Comments on “Aliens UFO's and Fake news.”

  1. That's messed up how they got you lien for them. A lot of people, us know that first one with the alien on the table was real. Unsubb u r.

  2. Notice Six fingers? Like the two metal plates from the wreckage . The body on the ground in a nother video exactly like the one in the Autopsy video ? Hanger 18 movie Alien body's very similar if not just like ? Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy Diary /Transcripts ? There is more than one Autopsy video . One real and one fake . Research before you Judge or are you just interested in the Debunking of all information ? Go back and mess with ,twist , but whatever you do make it look fake ? Your channel is pointing in that directon , so if you put up a video on a subject that I may have done all lot of work researching ? Don't be surprised to find me ready to Debate with you until we both find the truth . Good Luck 2 😊 Peace.. Now.

  3. AI newsreaders? facepalm Just no…
    Seems like Pontius Pilate was ahead of the curve in 28AD when he is reported to have asked "Truth? What IS truth"
    I rest my case.

  4. Digital New reports are a pretty neat trick but can't think of a good reason why not to simple hire real news reporters for the job. New reporters just read out the news as its told to them regardless if its accurate or not. You get paid at the end of they day anyway. Fake news was always a thing. Always check the sources. 
    There are definitely good reasons to cover up a alien landing especially when things did go bad. The government doesn't share everything publicly for the national safety they say.. Not even sure who determines which information is public shared and which information isn't. Do they follow specific rules or is it a case by case situation? Anyways they Fake reportings just causes confusion. Better to look to they accurately facts. Pointing fingers to each other won't help. Clearly the government doesn't have the freedom to spreak freely here. To much things at stake. I just go ahead and assume that they public would be informed accordingly when a alien encounter gets correctly confirmed. Don't want to spread the news just because the Russian set up a fake alien encouter. The enemy could spread fake news too cause confusion and panic to set the people up against their own government. Sounds like something people would try to do during the cold war. Shady and dirty tactics if you ask me.

  5. Wow! That Chinese cgi news anchor thing absolutely blew my mind! Gotta hand to those hoaxers though – especially considering when, how, where and by whom it was made.

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