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  1. It's a state of constant fear mind control thing. It's not just in your head. There's a war on information.

  2. 10:40 I felt goosebumps brother. Thank you so much. Jesus Christ! 🙋🙌🙏 . You aren't alone in your journey. Watch my video from earlier today. 😊

  3. I do the the same thing Keith. When I have a nightmare I say Jesus help me and instantly I feel warmth and love👍

  4. Total madness at this point. I turned my tv off over a year ago. But think about it, soap operas have been showing sex scenes in the middle of the day for years. I know you like to read books. When you have a chance check out The Secret of Jekyll Island. Bankster‘s rule the world. Remember my friend, you cannot print interest

  5. Awesome man…it seems thats what the world tries to do…confuse and decieve people away from the truth Christ. I studied a lot to and came to your conclusion, out of every being known to man, Jesus is the only one that truly walked in righteousness, i could just feel it inside. Like you said, romans in the bible says God gave us a spirtiual compass to see right from wrong and "the world" tries to sway or decieve that compass. Keep on seeking my man and you will find brother, Jesus is the truth, the way, and the life!

  6. You saying this is insane bro. Felt that Holy Spirit hitting me through the video. 🙌😄 Makes me want to chain react it to touch others with it! When you been to hell on earth, it seems so simple to know the opposite in Jesus’s love and peace.

  7. I do the same thing when I see that stuff on TV. I spent all day yesterday learning business and watching videos on the matrix and Jesus. I believe once you're woke you are really sensitive to negative or dark entities. Jesus repeatedly said "precieve ye" to his apostale's. I know this vibration and frequency you speak of. Strangely since we spoke on the phone that day it has gotten even more intense for me. I can't even describe it with words.

  8. I watched a video that opened my mind today, I'd share it but like everyone I don't think you'd want to hear it Keith.

  9. Actually become a preacher. I kinda left Christianity but I still listen to you because you aren't afraid of talking about real shit. Love you Keith!

  10. When you talk about being cut off from higher consciousness and things being flipped upside down what he’s talking about is religion itself… it is holding us back, and Christianity in particular was plagiarized from other books and is clearly a scam. You people were raised w this religion . Indoctrinated.. religion is 99% based on where you live not YOUR own conscious choice…. reading the Bible makes you a Christian understanding it makes you an atheist.. anyways luckily I Can tell Keith just wants to show appreciation to something bigger and currently in our culture that thing is called Jesus and god… however religion never cured a disease when science has cured many… yet Christians want to be ignorant about science and I understand why it directly opposes everything the Bible says but people look over that part and essentially create your own form of Christianity.. but unfortunately your are held hostage by ALL the contents of your holy book which include some very illogical, irrational, immoral , delusional, and sadistic things…

  11. You mentioned in another video you had a bad summer, some depression. I'm just guessing you started to look into religion. Everybody finds God when times are hard. You'll jump in with both feet. Do a bunch of research.. stump your preacher with questions they never thought of. You'll find the contradictions. And call it bull shit. And your new friends will think the devil got to you. And won't want to be around you. Read the bible. Theres knowledge in the bible. But it isn't God's word. Read the book of Ecclesiastes. Then read Thomas paines the age of reason. Or just save yourself a bunch of research because you will end up right back where you started!

  12. If God is in 100 percent control, then what part is my free will? Or the devil getting to me?

  13. Liking the far out topics you explore. There is some weird stuff out there though, question everything.

  14. haha dude wtf you had me at the beginning about the TV I used to watch a lot of TV when i was a kid and then i started smokin weed and i shut the stuff right the fuck off its allllllllll negative weird shit and its so powerful and the masses dont know that I could write more but I dont wanna be "that guy" love you keif

  15. Honestly that has to be the best video I have ever watched!! I feel the exact same way as you and it sucks cuz I have no one to talk to…. everyone thinks I’m crazy and paranoid. It’s a lonely place to be. Thank you so much for posting this. It’s like it was fate or whatever. I needed to see this…. to hear your msg. And when you said that prayer…. omg I seriously got goosebumps all over!! I could listen to you preach all day!! Thank you, thank you so much!!! God bless brother!!

  16. My mom messed with the occult- brought on homemade Ouija boards into our family when I was a kid. I fought that off for years without knowing how…..just a thought- God created us. He made our bodies. I believe God speak a to us through our 3rd eye our penieal gland. Its even spoke of in verse when stated eye as opposed to eyes. Ots my thought that no we dknt need drugs we need to stay away from those but we shouldnt hsve it poisoned with fluoride or hsve it calcified either. God made it for a reason and man has poisoned it. Also, your friend and the Ouija board? Isn't that the low Satan has been telling humanity since the beginning? And its been working so he keeps on using the same one….he told eve in the garden…."Go ahead, eat of the fruit and you will not die and you will be as gods and have hidden knowledge…" Just as your friend told you, eve told Adam….the toad is narrow because we are judge all alone, we cannot say;"well, so amd so gVe me the fruit…."

  17. You take in so much information, you end up more confused. Simple questions: Why are we here? How did we get here? What does the future hold? What is the condition of the dead? What hope is there for our dead loved ones? Answer those questions and you will find your real purpose in life.

    Satan and demons rule the world but not for much longer.

    There is false religion and one true religion. False religion has blinded people and caused much tragedy.

  18. 1 of course spin fear into everyone you can use it to control them. "SHOOTERS ERRYWHERE!!!!"
    2 hell yeah roths + satanists + a certain religion control most of the world lmao. sounds crazy but it's true. /pol/ is always right!

    hate to spoil it there's no aliens. watch the movie "mirage men" it's on youtube. aliens are just a conspiracy by the government to hide UFO tech (MAN MADE BTW). no aliens, just people. great story about tr3b lmao. no reptilians no hollow earth etc, but the moon landing was likely faked lmao. oil spills on the treads of the landings being the same, van allen belt, energy required not possible from rocket, NASA not given a direct feed of video, original tapes destroyed, don't forget on the anniversary "parrots don't fly well but speak well. knowledge is hidden between layers of truth".

    occult stuff is bad, but don't try to learn about it! wanting to go mycelium hunting!

    I was hardcore atheist but Christianity is the best religion. god is a metaphor for life and very useful. government subverts religion for their own gains (margaret sanger anyone?)

    keep your mind open! learn, don't fall to evil. If you do read this and want to talk contact me five five nine four two three zero one seven five. Hell if you even read this surprised to find such interesting content on your channel with these millions of views lmao!

  19. Wow dude, I shed a tear on that one, I felt that. Thank you Jesus, just watched and commented on the narcissism video you put out, and started to ask for prayer, as I've been slowly fucking dying for a long time… then this video comes on… fucking great stuff brother, keep it going. Love this channel. Btw, shout out to the Marfoogle fam, Jacob Israel, Truthstream media, James Munder, Dana Ashley… love all yall

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