Aliens & UFOs (NEWS): Strange, eerie sound is back at an Oregon town!!! Let's see why!

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Here’s the full link to the Huffington Post, including the sound:


13 Comments on “Aliens & UFOs (NEWS): Strange, eerie sound is back at an Oregon town!!! Let's see why!”

  1. Sorry everyone for the low sound quality during the playback of the "eerie sound". Again I thought I had my speakers loud enough and close enough to my microphone. If you want a better quality check out the Huffington Post link above and they'll have the real thing. Thanks!

  2. Wow sounds creepy. Like the opening to an old horror film. It's probably not aliens though. It's probably something with the wind or gas but still pretty creepy.

  3. I'm wondering if seismic activity, like shifting tectonic plates, might be a factor. Strange sounds have been happening all over the world in various places, some sounding like booming sounds, others sound like jet engines, still others sound like howling. The most logical theory that I've heard about is possibly earth movements causing the sounds. As one resident said, "It almost sounds like someone needs to change their brakes." It doesn't seem unfathomable to me that metal on metal scraping as the earth shifts, would cause that same kind of sound, in my opinion. The other ongoing theory out there is HAARP causing some kind of frequency vibrations to confuse people, or perform some kind of mind control. I personally think the reason is probably something more logical and simple. We just have yet to pinpoint its origin. ,

  4. It might be a Native American Spirit.
    I've heard legends about how sometimes when there is an injustice committed in the past the spirits are restless and wonder around looking for someone to right a wrong.
    Also if there is a recent traumatic event it can stir them up.
    I cAn'T think of any recent injustice in Oregon that needs to be exposed and righted myself. Can you?

  5. Hey bro, just wanted to say what great work I think you do with this channel. I only discovered it a couple days ago but I am enjoying the absolute shit out of it.

  6. My dogs started barking when this played. my speakers were only on 34% and I could barely hear it. Oregon in the early 70's Medford I believe had the highest suicide rate per capita. The government just released info via FOIA that they were targeting Medford with low EMF waves to experiment it's effects on clueless citizens. Don't take my word for it & here is another source:

  7. I heard this sound out near Timothy Lake, Oregon right after seeing a UFO! Which by the way Sir is pronounced, "Oregun." not, "Oregone."

  8. I've heard this sound before whenever the train going by gets far enough away and starts to go behind the mountain. At that time, you can hear its train horn and from that distance and echo from the other side of the mountain, it sounds just like the sound in the video here. Also, when it's going around the curve in the distance, the squeaking of the wheels turning sound like that, too.

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