Aliens & UFOs (NEWS): The "Area 51 Raid" event finally happened…and it was a BUST!!!

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13 Comments on “Aliens & UFOs (NEWS): The "Area 51 Raid" event finally happened…and it was a BUST!!!”

  1. 00:29 Quite frankly, I am not convinced as of yet.

    -The "Concert" spin-off event will go on until the 22'nd, which means more opportunities for mischief from the raiders.
    -There is a tent city outside of Area 51. They have not left yet. I saw it on a livestream.
    -I saw some of the early morning livestreams when it started. I saw when the raiders loaded up in trucks and started to drive towards the base. The streams all died when they got closer to the base. This is obviously some sort of jamming. I would say wait and see to see what sort of footage comes out related to when this jamming occurred.
    -The news media lies. A lot. It is in their own best interests (by playing nice with Uncle Sam) to push a narrative of failure to discourage further activity and to get the raiders to leave. What makes you think they will start telling the truth now?

    Do I honestly think they will get anything done? Not really. But do I think it's over? Not until the last tent is lifted up and the last raider leaves.

    01:42 What do you think was really going to happen at that time of day? Most of the raiders were asleep. An example of lack of planning or proper leadership amongst the mob since the founder up and quit after being pressured on.

    07:00 I find this ironic since the town tried to shut this down, declare a state of emergency, etc. Now they're happy to get the cash after trying to stop the event to begin with! How utterly hypocritical.

  2. Happy to see the people of America were smart enough not to break the law. Guess Finland was not smart enough and was arrested. At least they can be thankful not to have been called spies!! Not to live the rest of their lives in a prison.

  3. i understand its a national security concern but you think they could at least do a tour of the base kinda like they do at every other military base. just post some security around restricted areas like obviously the nuclear area, and the developmental area. if disney can host millions of people per day and still secretly build things so could area 51. not saying to that value but the 100 people that appeared come on now. if they can't handle a 100 person tour. i question their ability to defend our nation.

  4. I bet you every single person there that was not a police officer or military Personnel is a 30 year-old virgin living at their mother's house Eva in basement or spare bedroom if basement is not available dad lives on online gaming and junk food and bitching about how their life isn't good because they screwed it up

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