Amazing! Miles Long UFO Exiting Tycho Crater On The Moon

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27 Comments on “Amazing! Miles Long UFO Exiting Tycho Crater On The Moon”

  1. The object in question is NOT moving in unison with the moons atmospheric surface distortion. It's been cleverly added, however….. not clever enough to evade the scrutiny of this old geezers eagle like vision. Nanner fucking nanner.

  2. It is worth noting that the UFO, near Tycho, appears to occupy the same pixel(s) addresses. The Moon drifts to the right, while the "object" stays put in place. Therefore, it appears that you have simply recorded some issue with your camera, not some super-size space craft.

  3. Does anyone else notice that the crater itself looks totally diffrent than the moon? And are all the moons craters named? Funny that NASA has put a name on this one eh….?

  4. Love these videos.. but I think I've seen this type of thing before.. the moon is drifting across the frame and the object appears to be moving but it isn't. Most likely moister on the lens.

  5. As long we got People believing in Flat Earth theories and Anti Moonlanding Hoaxes we wont get one small step clother too the truth of mankind!

    Thanks for the great work Tyler, always a pleasure listen to you! Thumbs up

  6. The crater Tyco has always been a curious spot to see objects coming up out of it in the past. I'm farely certain that there is a tunnel leading to the inside of the Moon or this Spacecraft that we overly egotistical Human Beings call OUR MOON!!!! I's too bad that we can't station a camera on it from space to constantly watch it. Ah to be a billionaire and have my curiousity!!!! Thanks Tyler as always you give us such great video's to dream about!!!!!

  7. Love the footage of my lunar stomping grounds…You should ask astronaut Buzz Aldrin about the time I floated up on him in my ice cream ship, lets just say he hopped away before I could offer friendship and a free rocket popsicle. 🙁

  8. Hey Steve buddy it looks to me like it came OUT of the creator and didn't fly over it.. just sayin

  9. If you look just to the right of the crater you will notice a flash or shimmer just along the rim of the adjacent crater. If you allow your eye to follow at the moment of that "flash" along to the other crater you will see it "pop out" of shadow right as you would expect. The fact it casts a shadow in the other crater does tell us this is indeed traveling over the moon and not in our atmosphere

  10. Maybe you can expose the dark Knight if we all buy your T Shirts;?!

  11. So every time i look to the moon, i'm looking an entire alien base? Lol…

  12. OMG one of your better ones Tyler. Sometimes they can be a little sketchy. I believe it's coming out!

  13. @ Tyler…Who is that bald headed man at 1.42? Looks like has had a shock the way he has his mouth open!!!

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