Ancient Alien Base Found In Antarctica! UFO Sighting News.

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Google coordinates: 74° 3’44.57″S 103°16’4.79″W


22 Comments on “Ancient Alien Base Found In Antarctica! UFO Sighting News.”

  1. Lol— nut ball.. come on— VOTE YANG2020 — he said for sure he would disclose any and all ufo and alien info… (he actually said that and even said unless it is too ducking scary…. then laughed and answered the next question…). I believe he full intends to… 100 %


  2. Or absolutely correct and found a floating city . I’ve never been there. I don’t even know if they shit I watch on tv is real.

  3. This is absolutely an amazing find Scott this needs more investigation someone down there must know something about this? What a find Scott. 🎥👍

  4. Likely a fuel refinery or processing facilities for spaceships using hyperdense fuel for propulsion and onboard operations. Scott, you are the best. God bless you and those you love !

  5. The Fallen Angles have been imprisoned down there since the great flood during the time of Noah, ( Steve's channel israeli news live shows that ) it is they that would have built those structures most likely. They are immortal beings awaiting judgement by God which will happen after the soon Great Tribulation and be cast into the Lake of fire, read that in the book of Revelation in the Bible to find out. Thank you Scott.

  6. 😊omg(maybe, just maybe I ask my father who is an architect about his opinion to this analyzis of Yours… he is deeply into SciFi but an atheist and… I do oraclereadings and even if I show him the miracles of syncronicity and put magical evidence of the mysteries of the unexplainable and partly unseen under his noze he refuses to… accept… certain facts…but maybe… 😊) Thank You for this. Beautiful the way You explain. M

  7. Scott it has a strong resemblance to the structures that you found on one of the poles of Mars a few months ago. Great find Scott.

  8. All of those square corners are not natural. Very interesting find. Like Ross Chamings said it could be Military!

  9. Interesting. Those huge shadows cast from the sun's angle really speak to the height and enormity of these structures. The fact that they haven't moved does indicate they are rooted in something beneath which is also fascinating. Sometimes I wish I was a billionaire just so I could fly my private jet or helicopter to some of these places and get close up photographs.

  10. check out the hot zone in bimini off the coast of F;prida…dark journalist was talking about it..pyramids and streets

  11. Omg…I found the same thing there! I have the screenshot,
    but I tried to get a clearer shot and it just wouldn’t with my
    ipad. I actually found a lot of strange things in Antarctica!
    Love this stuff! So glad I wasn’t the only one thinking it
    was “something” real. There are a lot of geometric shapes
    there that don’t fit in. Have you seen all the gorgeous
    Turquoise areas there?

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