Ancient Alien TR3B Discovered In Greenland Iceberg, UFO Sighting News.

Google Earth coordinates here:


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  1. hey Scott what's your email I have a ton of things I found and Antarctica that's it just blows my mind and can't figure out what they are

  2. Scott, Another phenomenal catch. Please look along the bottom of said" ice base". Right next to the bottom of the ice, you will see what appears to be vessels parked on the bottom. Especially, on the right hand side. I believe , you've found a secret military base with a TR3B parked. ( on the left of the the smaller triangle ( cockpit?) you'll see a black panel of some kind. Once again, thank you for all your hard work and dedication to bring us these critical truths.

  3. I believe in aliens but this is such a reach, the government wouldn’t let something like that be noticed, plus people that live there could find it very easily lmao.

  4. I do like these videos but I think in this case it’s just ice as it can break off in very regular shapes as was seen a couple of years ago in Antarctica when a lot of rectangles were seen that looked man made. So looking at ice is a bit like high definition cloud watching and seeing shapes. I’d love to be wrong though and the video was worth making

  5. Great find Scott, now go into hiding because the us government are killing ppl because they are black, what you think they are going to do with you and your green fellas?

  6. Really hard to say, but you're right seriously looks like a tr3b type of craft. But very possible the trunk just broke off in a triangular shape and melted from the top down leaving the base looking oddly triangular. Either way pretty cool find man!

  7. UFO Sightings Daily's occulted citation this site is = 65.6773568,-38.6807421= 12 miles north east of Isortoq & 10 miles north by north west of Kitak island

  8. What's happening now – here, free:
    'The CIA Lost Archive Files – Project Rumpelstiltskin.'

    And the recent NorCap interest that has been shown by US and Russian aircraft around the Barents Sea and vicinity – @ here, also free:
    'Q Disclosure – Rainbow Bombs.'

    The Disclosure Project.

  9. Havent looked at your channel for a while so lots of videos to watch but your sightings really are amazing.
    Looks to be a ancient TR-3B that was abandoned then got stuck in ice to be revealed because of global warming. As bad as it may be a good thing about global warming is that more things will be revealed like in Antarctica.

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