Ancient Aliens From The Sirius Star System | Lost Civilizations of the Sky Gods

This interweaving story documents the arrival of advanced beings – Ancient Aliens who came to our planet from the distant reaches of space and imparted information to our distant ancestors. Follow this link to watch over 8000 Original Shows, Films and Documentaries .The memory of it lies in the dawn of our civilization, morphing into multiple tellings and interpretations around the world and through the ages. Yet ultimately, the memories these stories hold are one and the same.

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The question of how the Dogon could have acquired this knowledge is debated to this day. How did they know about Sirius C – 60 years ahead of modern science? How did they know about the white dwarf star Sirius B – s star invisible to the naked eye – and both only recently discovered by modern science? The mystery remains.

The Dogon’s canon of sacred knowledge included precise information about the three-star system we call Sirius. When asked how they had obtained this knowledge, the tribal elders shared their ancestral narrative of “the Nommos”. The Nommos were a race of beings from the Sirius star system, who visited the Earth thousands of years ago. The Nommos are described as a race of amphibious beings, bearing both humanoid and fish-like attributes.

A mythology with roots in ancient Mesopotamia tells of a similar race of beings called The Apkallu – advanced beings also described as part man and part fish. Berossus, a Greek priest of the 3rd century BCE, wrote down the Babylonian legend of the “fish-men” sent from the heavens to impart knowledge to people. First amongst the fish-men was Oannes : who Berossus credited with teaching our ancestors the tools of civilization… Read the full article at

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  1. In New Mexico and Arizona the Apache Spirit Dancers wear similar wooden sculptures on their heads and cover their faces with masks.

  2. I thought the French guys told the tribe… but it was 1935 and we found out in 1950? Debunkers be reaching!!!

  3. So basically whoever is in charge they don’t wanna lose control over people, because if we start to believe in our history as humans, the government will b no more

  4. "they" did not make us "they" messed with us and made us less so we could be easily manipulated we are very old we just forget but we are starting to remember 🤔

  5. the fallen angels and heavens rebellion mated with women caused NOAHS flood devils bloodline watch enterthestars hive bloodline

  6. It makes me wonder, why do aliens reveal and interact themselves with people in ancient times but not in our modern day? Is it because we become hostile not just to them but to ourselves these days? That's why they only watching us from far and keep close to the military and nuclear power nations

  7. I love the way they beat around the bush concerning where the Human Species came from let alone exactly who. why, where, and when…Not theoretically or simply written…Exactly !

  8. The precursor to the piano was what was called a harpsichord. The harpsichord had a number of strange that correlated with the number of chakras they use this instrument to heal people. Also to move large stones. Depending on its scale would Corliss to its function. The violin was invented around the same time.

  9. Depending on the ailment would depend on what note or what chakra they they would work with.

  10. All cultures came from One Source. Their medicine was similar. Depended on what region they lived in.

  11. The diversity of religion types came from the need to spread out in order to make the magic work.

  12. And that has been brought on by the imbalance in everything around us. Including ourselves.

  13. I am being kept silent for a reason. I want to help everybody and everything in this world. Will somebody help me do this?

  14. The acquirement of this knowledge came from the simple fact that they were one with what was around them. That's something that many of us are so far from. That's the reason for the in balance.

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