ANCIENT ANTARCTICA Artifacts | UFO NEWS 2017 | Civilization Evidence in Antarctica (PART 2)

ANTARCTICA (2ndEarth Alt Ep 9) – The Ancient Aliens show has long reported on the premise that Aliens, ancient alien artifacts, and UFOs are real… and most importantly, that we are not alone! 2ndEarth Alternative could not agree more — Not just because we are enjoy Ancient Aliens, but also because we believe we have smoking gun evidence that an ancient past civilization resided in Antarctica. In 2017, we may have the first real evidence of past HUMAN civilization in Antarctica.

A continent shrouded in mystery, Antarctica has been in the NEWS lately regarding possible UFOs, pyramids, and underground bases (be that extra terrestrial or not). Though, not yet reported, 2nd Earth Alternative takes the perspective that the pyramids and the forts, not to mention the UFO reported by Secureteam10 in ANTARCTICA have simpler geological explanations. However, we do not believe the evidence unveiled in this episode is artificial… in fact, we believe it may be the first SMOKING GUN evidence uncovered for past HUMAN habitation in Antarctica.

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48 Comments on “ANCIENT ANTARCTICA Artifacts | UFO NEWS 2017 | Civilization Evidence in Antarctica (PART 2)”

  1. Hi,your security in your country protects you from them ,they mostly remove all spacecraft ,you don't want to know about them,they can be shot down,your security will protect you as best they can.everything they do is for your don't want to meet them,or find their stuff.

  2. Your 1 of 2 channels that takes a mature approach to Ufology that can appreciate. You and Secure Team. Dr. Steven Greer bothers me. I am not sure why he is too polished and it makes no since why he gets the access he gets for no reason. He's a Physician why does he have access to so many government officials?  And if he is really getting this close to access why is he alive? Keep up  the research.

  3. great video man. hmm isn't it also interesting no flights are allowed to go near the north and south poles

  4. while there are definitely some odd images in the Google earth shots of Antarctica and they make for fascinating fuel for the imagination. I have evidence in my newest video that no one else has yet presented concerning the origins of the Ark of Gabriel.

  5. I believe in Alien visitors, many evidence of it,I don't see no reason why Antarctica should be different from other continents, hey ,what's up

  6. Nicely done! Great presentation of "unnatural formations" …….. definitely man (?) made

  7. Filipe–I agree with you that the forms you have found in Antarctica are quite intriguing and are worth following up on. However, I think that your excitement may be somewhat premature. I see nothing that, though unusual, could not be explained through natural, geological processes. What is needed is "boots-on-the-ground," close-up investigation. I think it might possibly be fruitful to research Antarctic expeditions that may at some time in the past have explored these environs. I too would like to find out if there is anything legitimate concerning all the internet noise now flying around about possible ancient civilizations etc. One thing to be cautious about is that if one were to invent spurious tales about Antarctica, then one would not likely have them proven false in a timely manner due to this continent's inaccessibility… On all of the sites that I have looked at to gain information on the subject I have made note that the authors always fail to identify exactly who has made these "discoveries," referring to unnamed scientists, explorers or members of the military. For such a thing to be considered proven there must be verifiable documentation.

  8. Speaking of Thule, Vril, and other secretive groups. You should look into pizzagate and approach it from the angle of not demonic rituals, but worship of other life forms. Interesting information to say the least.

  9. Don't change much, regardless of my past comments you are good at what you do & I believe you are an asset to the topic!

  10. Nailing it man! Keep it up. The good thing about your channel is that you are compiling info and being honest to the best of your knowledge. Great work. Following your channel. Finally, as many, I think we are on the verge of a new era and possibly we wil have to rewrite history.

  11. I'm sick of the lies and corruption. If they did kill people to keep the secret then when the truth comes out they should all punished.

  12. Maria Orsich could be one of the most interesting and telling pieces to the Anunnaki story and here's why; apparently she was channeling an unknown language during some Vril meeting. There were some high stature people at these meetings apparently and at least one was a linguist. Anyway, the language that Maria was allegedly channeling and speaking was Sumerian. Ok, you say… well here's the crazy part….. this was at the turn of the century (early 1900's). The cuneiform tablets in Iraq had just recently been discovered and keep in mind, there was no internet or television. Travel was still slow and inefficient for long journeys, yet she was correctly speaking Sumerian and gave a design for a Vimana. Vimanas were flying craft from the Indian Vedic texts.

    The linchpin here is that if these stories of Maria channeling Sumerian script/language and if she was giving directions on how to build these craft are true, then there is no way to argue that the Anunnaki story was not true! By the way, Maria said she was receiving the transmission from the Aldebaran star system (which is a real star system).

    Lastly, Maria supposedly left a message for the others of the Nazi party saying something like "nobody is staying". She and several high ranking German officers were never seen again! Antarctica? Aldebaran? Other??

  13. You seem to be aproaching your topics with some respect for that which you wish to learn. I'm big on Secureteam 10 and Tyler. And others you might wish to study Graham Hancock, Brian Forester and for sure Randal Carlson. Preflood, Younger Dryas epoch and the destruction of so many of our great cultures due to a cosmic event over what is now Canada that literaly changed the rotation of the Earth. Keep up the dillegance and you may well become a voice of reason… in a world where Trumpanzee tweets nuclear threats to 'Little Missile man'.

  14. How the @¥#% did it take me sooo long to find this channel?! You're doing a great job … just don't fall down the rabbit hole

  15. Not using ST10 as evidence! Man I have to unsub. THAT so called UFO in antartica was debunked. There's NO SAUCERS there. However the entire "Island" is volcanic, and has a giant lava plug, and it heats the ground up. THAT IS NOT EVIDENCE of human habitation. THAT IS JUST NATURAL ROCK. Your perfect circle is an oval.

    I really thought this would be a good channel, but your just another conspiracy theorist. Why would it be earth shattering news if there was evidence of habitation in Antarctica? Humans have inhabited every single part of this Earth. There's proof of ancient petrified tree stumps there. People live at the tip of S. America, you think they didn't make their way to Antarctica? They found ancient plant life AGES, as in YEARS ago, in what they thought was always frozen. Every part of this Earth that's jungle now, was ocean before. Where it's ocean now was land before. Land comes and goes.

    Hitler was NOT into the occult shit. That was HIMMLER. Hitler specifically said, he didn't have time for all that, but it keeps Himmler busy and out of his hair so let him be. I've studied WWll and Germany and Hitler for 30 yrs. I know what I'm talking about.

  16. You can't worry about the comments,,,you will always have some haters!! It's human nature to not wanting to know the truth and someone challenging their programming!

  17. has anyone ever seen a picture of the North Pole or the South Pole but from directly above so you can see the whole country. …..????????????
    I'll tell you something I haven't

  18. That "cave" does look like turtle shell. And there were over 30 feet long/wide turtles approx. million years ago. Maybe these are remains of one, could be … right? :/

  19. I live on the edge of lake Huron and the beach has thousands of different stones, all around the same size. I have been asked by a psychologist if I see patterns and I said I do when they're there. One thing I noticed in the rocks at the lake here was the patterns in how they appeared to be arranged in some places.
    One day I was walking there and I pointed out what I saw and I tried to explain that if there was what looked like one circle of stones I would think it could be random but when it appears to be two or three rings then it looks man made to me…..I walked over to it and I could immediately tell that it was part of a construction because what had looked from a distance to be just old tree branches laying there had a pile of smaller rocks around the bottom of each branch and under them I found an old mason jar…..this was on the edge of the woods and not more than twenty yards away from the trail which had been part of the old Stage Coach trail and that had become the old rail trail which is now a walking path/trail through the woods….but what I have !earned from this and also through my own paintings…..some people see the patterns and many people don't…..
    I have done a few experiments on Facebook with my friends there, I paint a picture with some details just to see how much info I need to put there so that their minds eye can join the dots.
    This led me to discover that I can see connections, patterns, with a lot less information than most of my friends….this was a surprise to me…….on the bottom of enceladus I see something which could bring us money….maybe a lot….I'll tell you in an email.

  20. Nature does'nt make right angles. Some idiot tried to argue with me once, that the natural erosion process of a rock been pushed down a stream could create blocks of stone.

  21. What remains of Atlantis is supposedly off the coast of Cuba somewhere in or around Guantanamo Bay.

  22. incredible formations-surely not of geological origin…
    appreciate your work bro-thanks👍

  23. Felipe, love your vibe man, serious topics that you research well, great graphics & definitely keep the “pop” it makes me smile. Antarctica eh, what is the truth? Why are all the elite going for a look? What have they found? Operation high jump that is where it LOL ending ever!

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