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  1. How many times are people going to "find" the Ark?  The movie should clear this up, again and again,and again…….and again. .

  2. Ron Wyatt is a loon………………a phony. His hobby of archeology claims he has found…….the ark, the ark of the covenant and a host of other biblical artifacts that 100s of universities and thousands of legit archeologist have been searching for 100s of years and have not found any of his discoveries………..but good old Ron found these artifacts in his spare time……….yup that will fly.

  3. What a freakin load of crap. Lets start with the simple fact that the story of "Noah" is a retelling of a much much older tale. (predating the jewish religion mind you) It was not a "global flood" in the orginal story nor did the "raft" land on Ararat. On top of all that there are hints that story may also be a retelling of an even older tale. smh

  4. The Ark was found in the mountains of Ararat along with the massive drogue stones used to steer and stabilize the vessel. The valley was known as the valley of the 8 after the survivors that disembarked from the Ark. The area was also named after Noah. The ground penetrating radar and artifacts leave no doubt that it is a massive water faring vessel of the right dimensions and location to be the Ark. The real Mt.Sinai has also been found in Arabia just as it is described in the Bible. The top is still burnt black from the presence of the Lord on the mountain. The altar and 12 pillars representing the 12 tribes of Israel are still there as well. It has been fenced in by the Muslim authority's. The crossing point of the Red Sea was also found to be marked with an Ancient Hebrew marker on the Saudi Arabian side that was also quickly taken down by the Muslim authority's. Any evidence that is found proving the Bible to be accurate or the presence of the Jewish/Hebrew people in antiquity terrify's Muslims and they move to suppress it or hide it. It further proves the Jewish claim on the Holy Land prior to 1947.

  5. Every time there has been an iceage, there has been global flooding. There are over 2000 accounts of these types of ancient floods. Our last ice age was only 16,000yrs. ago.That's plenty of time for many flood stories to be told over and over many, many years. And the bible says on a mountian NEAR mt. ararat, not on it.

  6. While we are here, let us share the Love of the Spirit of God. The Son of God will pray to the Father that we may have the Spirit of God for a Teacher and Comforter Forever in the bible book of John, chapter 14. Please let the Spirit of God, Teach and Comfort you Forever. Please share the Spirit of God… Peace.

  7. ANCIENT ASTRONAUS: NOAH'S ARK FOUND; I thoroughly enjoyed this video. Not all the hype that was presented in other videos of the past. I have often thought that the ark was rectangle due to the dimensions given in the Bible; as the rectangle would have provided more usable space for food storage, The ark did not need to be steered as its purpose was to float. yet the material present was well documented and presented. The narrator spoke clearly and decisively, so I had no need to use CC except for one statement. And that surely wasn't what was said. so I turned it off again. I believe in the account Noah . He persevered in a world that was corrupt, vile and totally evil. He walked alone among his fellow men and was NOT influenced by them. That's courage, but how much more courage he had to listen to God and do as told. It had never rained before, and he was viewed as of Lunatic. The people stopped laughing when the rain came and the water rose. So I for one am proud to be a decendent of Noah. As we all living today are.

    Deception kills, because it buries the spirit in deception. Only the truth can save us, and almost no one knows what it is. Most don't even want to know.
    DO YOU WANT TO KNOW? If you do, See "The Present" at truthcontest•com.

  9. WHY STILL KEEP SHOWING THIS LIE?Its a natural rock formation  you fucking ignorant fool.This vid has been around for decades,don't you think we'd have heard by now .

  10. ol' lenny  is demanding those here (that are not theologist)to prove or give substance to what they have faith in……that's akin to me asking a ley-person,to prove that a electron is real…While we are at it……,prove a quark is real..?
    Lenny's great science, which was built upon the laws of moses for it's economic security,can't make it's mind up fROM ONE DAY TO THE NEXT……Put butter on a burn, they informed us….grass fed butter should be avoided and replaced with the health food"margarine"…oh that's right…the planets were captured by our sun?science said.
    you have not seen electrons flowing with your eye…but you blindly believe what your science journal tells you….anything that the theorist in the science world declare,you accept as truth..those theories are either proven true or false….eventually.
    just maybe the great theory the theologist have spoken about ….will be unveiled for the man of little faith.,,,the scientist

  11. A sacrifice? REALLY?!  Even in 1987 that would have been considered barbaric.  What a disgusting and profane stain on human dignity, the idea that the sacrificial blood of a lamb can protect from evil spirits.  And this is propped up in the 21st century as something to be admired?  Something to be appreciated?  It's vulgar and obscene and utterly degrading to think such a disgusting practice, in the 21st century, is looked upon with anything other than revulsion.  This entire video, or as much of it as I was able to watch, is a total failure to think critically.

  12. For people who say they live by faith you spend a lot of money to prove your faith I think your trying to convince yourself of your point of view . Dream on ,

  13. You want evidence Atheist? You get some and respond with gratitude? No. You start getting emotional, calling believers dumb for letting their convictions be bolstered with good evidence. Proving your disengenious motives.

  14. Ron Wyatt was wrong about this one. The ark is on the top of Mt Ararat. That boat shaped thing is not Noahs ark. The Bible says the ark was rectangle shaped and landed on the highest place on top of a mountain for as far as Noah could see for months. It took months for the water to go down before they saw any other land. Read your Bible you idiots. No where does the Bible calls the ARK a boat. The definition of ark in the Hebrew means "box" NOT BOAT. This is bullshit!

  15. This is already proven incorrect. It' a tourist trap to make money is all.. It's fake and super lame. Really old Farce to cover up the money investors gave this guy. He needed results quick and truck a deal with the Gov there so they could claim the fame and bring in the tourists.

  16. Noahs arm was rectangular, he was not sailing anywhere he was just surviving a flood. Read the bible the dimensions are accuratly given. it was three levels with a roof. Read the bible for details.

  17. Im sure the book of Jewish folk tails will give me a incite on what to do with my life lmao. I like the part where zombie jesus fed 5,000 people with a tuna fish sandwich makes perfect logical sense.

  18. Keep in mind that when Gilgamesh visited Noah and his wife he commented on the size of Noah stating he was of very large stature and was a man of renown. So we know he was larger than people today and he and his sons could have handled the huge anchor stones found near the ark,

  19. This proof is undeniable with all the footage Ron Wyatt has shared. Even James Erwin worked with Ron the man that was on the Applo 15. The ark was proven by NASA, scientists, geologists, and the goverment. What I find amazing is, God used Ron to fond the petrified cities of Sodom and Gommarh, mount Sinai. It amazes me that this news is not world wide. Satan tries to discrdit Ron's finding but to no avail. This has greatly encouraged me and inspired me like nevet before. I will tell everyone I know and all you that search this out should shout it from the roof tops.

  20. Atheist: Bahhhh it's all a coincidence. All this stuff is just there. No reason for it. Move along. Nothing to see here. nervously sweating

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