Ancient Bowl On Mars, 100% Proof Of Intelligent Aliens, UFO Sighting News.

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20 Comments on “Ancient Bowl On Mars, 100% Proof Of Intelligent Aliens, UFO Sighting News.”

  1. Sorry, these are all photos taken on Devon island. That's why NASA constantly discounts independent researchers findings of fungi, rats, and other strong evidence of earth-like creatures. This is all a lie.

  2. Scott, in my opinion, what you have in this picture is nearly identical to an Indian Paint Pot. The paint pots are iron rich concretions that are hollow and have a powder inside that ranges from red to pink to purple, some even blue or yellow. When broken open, Native Americans would use the fine talc like powder on their faces for ceremonies, camoflage or war paint. There were other uses as well like stopping bleeding from cuts. So in a sense you found a potential hybrid between an artifact and a natural mineral that concealed another mineral in powder form. Maybe some Native Martians did the same as Native Americans, you never know unless you run into a Native Martian. I am sure you can find more info on Indian Paint Pots on the net. As always, God bless you and the ones you love and thank you for your hard work ! Who would have thought paint pots were also on Mars or any other planet or moon ? Later !

  3. Good afternoon, looking at the photo MSL – Sol 309, mentioned in your videos, i noticed what appears to be a sphere on top of a rock in the bottom photo almost in the middle of it, i hope you understood the location and my words, i use a translator.

  4. Come on man, don't foolishly exclaim anything is 100 percent proof unless you can pick it up and examine it. You only make yourself look like gullible fool or charlatan. The shape is intriguing but there are a number of possible NATURAL explanations for this shape too. I personally believe there was a civilization on Mars eons ago but this does NOT constitute proof.

  5. I want proof the same as you. But it is a huge jump to call that a bowl. I agree it does not appear to be natural, That said, Earth has sent many space vehicles to this planet. It is most likely from that. And to call the depressions proof fingers molded a bowl is without any supporting evidence. I do love your channel, I also suggest you stay within a factual basis for conclusions. In any event, I will continue to follow this channel. Thank you

  6. It is bowl shaped, but the only suspicious part is the "leg". truthfully, though, while it is cool, I see nothing that couldn't have been formed by a natural process. I've seen numerous objects like this right here on earth.

    I will admit that for it to happen on Mars, a lot of water would have had to be present, and that would make this object very old. Not as old as NASA has always maintained, however. Recent evidence shows that water may have flowed on Mars as recently as ten thousand years ago.

    At any rate, this is hardly proof of an ancient civilization. I don't think people realize that if an ancient civilization did exist on Mars, signs of it should be obvious, and evidence should be everywhere. The conditions on Mars simply do not allow for the kind of erosion we have on earth. At best, a very, very spares, very, very primitive group might leave no signs that are evident, but anything more than this would have.

    There was certainly no advance civilization on Mars, and no high population civilization. If there were, we would see signs in nearly every photo, and I don't mean questionable signs.
    If such were there at one time, it would, of necessity, have been a subterranean society, which is always possible.

  7. Oh, you need to get a size on this object. It can be measured precisely. Until then, it could be anything. People see a lot of "anomalies" on Mars, such as the remains on an old vehicle that turn out to be half an inch in diameter, or the fossilized remains of a Marian skull that turn out to be fifty feet in diameter. Until size is known, you have nothing.

    You also have to know location, if you want a rover to help. Even something half a mile from a rover can be completely inaccessible.

  8. I can see at least 3 other circles, which are partially covered, to the left and right of the object in question.

  9. I threw my ashtray into the air. I didn't know my own strength. It never came back down. Well, that answers that question anyway. Thanks. What about that bright white thing just up and to the right of the bowl?

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