Ancient Building Found On Mars With Open Door! UFO Sighting News.

Source photo:
MSL Sol 981


16 Comments on “Ancient Building Found On Mars With Open Door! UFO Sighting News.”

  1. Scott, do you see the Egyptian looking head on top of it? There is also some type of symbolism on top of it too if you follow the lines. Great find again!

  2. rhis is a great find the more u look the more put together it looks……theres straight lines on top of it asif a trowel as been run across it or something flat like a wallpaper scraper (just as an instance) with how straight the lines is….also looks like hieroglyphs on top towards the back looks like a stone plaque….

  3. Hi Scott, nice find. What are the two lights in the sky, or are they planets? Any idea? Looks like a door, but I also think that it looks like it may be some monument.

  4. Hi Again Scott. Sorry the lights are not up in the sky but they are above ground level. I've since noticed another two lights. There seems to be three yellowish lights near where it looks like the photo has a split. The other object seems to be white and I'm not sure if it has some sort of thrust coming from it. Sorry for the mix up.

  5. Плотность атмосферы Марса составляет 1% от плотности атмосферы Земли. Откуда на поверхности Марса волны из песка?)))

  6. Could be a perfect temp shelter for certain homeless martians, that's stuck in the outback regions I reckon. 👍🤠 🌎

  7. 👽🤖👾🛰️☄️🚀 Awesome ancient Extraterrestrial Alien phenomenon anomalies & UFO structures!

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