Ancient Greeks invented the …Laptop with Touchscreen before 100 BC

The marvel carving entitled “Grave Naiskos of an Enthroned Woman with an Attendant” is currently on display at the J. Paul Getty Museum in California. It immortalizes the moment when a young girl is offering a device that’s strongly resembling a laptop, to a woman reclining on an armchair.
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47 Comments on “Ancient Greeks invented the …Laptop with Touchscreen before 100 BC”

  1. To me it looks like the servant girl is holding a jewelry box so she can pick out her jewelry to wear.

  2. This is RIDICULOUS!! It could be a million things besides a laptop!! And have you ever seen someone holding up a laptop for someone else to use?? RIDICULOUS!! I'd love to see your face turn bright red if we found out what it really represented! You share some of the dumbest things!

  3. Look up wax tablet. It will blow your mind and show what you are looking at in some of these images. They are not laptops, they are wax tablets. The grave naiskos is clearly broken. I doubt the holes where visible originally. It suggests to me that someone tried to fix it or it was carved from multiple slabs and those holes show where something was placed to connect to slabs.

  4. Well…according to the wisest man that ever lived…who is ancient to us now………”There is nothing new under the Sun.” So it’s most likely rediscovered technology that already was here wayyyyyy back and came from the Tree of Knowledge. 🤔

  5. Remember that writing was done in clay, contracts were done by scribes in clay and carried in boxes to have the receiver press their ring signet into the clay by which the contract was signed…this is a stretch at best….

  6. So very stupid video. Very Good at imagine things. USB ports on the Side. LoL. Can see its broken and missing a part in that place

  7. Do you think maybe the guy was eating a box of sushi considering he had something that look like the chopstick or maybe it was a box of dates with a date fork… Or the little girl was offering chocolate or chocolate covered strawberries or some other sweets in the box? I don't think they were laptops. 🤣

  8. So they can make a laptop, but not a computer stand? Instead they make another person hold it. Hmm …

  9. Omg really? It's probably a freaking book or maybe even paintings.. who knows definitely not a laptop if it turns out to be and we had actual evidence then I will admit I was a dam ass and was wrong would love it to be a lap top as much as the next guy but I seriously doubt it.. Just like if you went back in time to show someone a pic of a car they would have no idea what it was just as we have no idea what something that old could be, but who knows iv seen some really sketchy shit in the sky I know isn't man made…

  10. If you think this is a computer, look up the apple phone in a 1937 painting entitled 'Settling'. The object held by the Indian in the front corner is open to interpretation. It does look like someone holding a phone, if that is what you want to see.

  11. What an incredibly base and cheap rehash of something that was never even a thing.
    Yuk. Disliked.

  12. the little girl presented her amazing invention to the queen but she turned her down and it took another 2000 years before this amazing magic box we now call laptop computers was again introduced

  13. It seems to be books or some type of record keeping book. The man was writing on it in one of the reliefs. How do we get high tech from this? This is kinda stupid.

  14. Could’ve been a depiction of wax holding tablet and holes were for purpose of holding wood stylus?

  15. But where are electricity for loading the battery of the devices ? It would be a short fun having an Laptop in ancient Times

  16. The Bible states there's nothing new under the sun. We are just so vain and think we have new technology.

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