Ancient Library unearthed in Germany

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16 Comments on “Ancient Library unearthed in Germany”

  1. Check out "Our Subverted History" by Asha Logos. The real history of the Germanic peoples has been purposely obscured.

  2. Thank goodness now i can return that book i checked out from there yeah i know the fine will be kinda big but i had to wait for some one to dig it up you know

  3. An ancient library in Germany? That's wonderful. When I asked my mother as a young girl, "Why do I have to learn this stuff?", she would answer, "Well people can take away your things, but they can't take your knowledge." After that, I practically lived at the library. I like it that libraries were popular even back then.

  4. "this has been discovered…that has been discovered." Most of these artifacts and things have always been in "someone's" private possession.

  5. Ooparts disappearing or hidden in a private collection, libraries burnt to hide what they hold,tragic but can't let it stop us,thx tktc..cA

  6. Dig deeper……and deeper…and deeper …

    We are not that young we are very much older than that…why do they not look for the “before the flood people?”

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