Ancient Portal unearthed in Samarkand by German archeologist in 1903

Ancient Portal unearthed in Samarkand by German archeologist in 1903
This artifact cannot be found today in any museum in the world, however it can be in a private collection

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22 Comments on “Ancient Portal unearthed in Samarkand by German archeologist in 1903”

  1. Да хрен с ним с этим камнем, буквы ни фига не египетские. Значит нам врали про письменность!

  2. I think we know who has it probably the same people who have the saucers and the aliens but doubt we will ever see them wouldn't fit with the false stories we've been fed all these years were not all gullible

  3. Total bullshit. This is photo shopped and the shadows from the object don't match the surrounding shadow angles.

  4. Great looking artifact but some how I'm looking at the picture and it just doesn't look right…does the pic show them as they just unearthed it?? because it looks like they dugged it out but all around the artifact it just doesn't look right..looks like it was place there or maybe photo shopped??!! 🤔 not sure about this one!!!

  5. Of all of the ancient sites on the planet, I hope one day to be able to visit India and spend a year or two travelling around visiting as many of these ancient sites as humanly possible. Truly mind-boggling, absolutely fascinating. How the HELL did they do it???

  6. if its a portal at all. Could be anything. Just some decoration of rich ancient house or palace. Or part of temple… or anything. Including fun school project. Come on kids lets carva a rectangle with round center point and some spirals. Any creative ideas about that? A portal? A door for home/house even for toilet.

  7. What blows my mind is that wayyyy way back then when human civilization was not as advanced they had a knowledge of portals wow!! That’s absolutely scary 😧

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