Ancient Structures on Mars In NASA Global Surveyor Photos, UFO Sighting News.

GUYS, PLEASE DON’T COPY MY DISCOVERY AND PASS IT OFF AS YOUR OWN on your channel. I caught 5 of my discoveries this week on there peoples channels that did not give me credit and therefore were taking credit for my hard work. I HAD TO REPORT 5 VIDEOS TODAY ALONE DOING JUST THAT. I worked hard daily for my audience. Pls Youtubers…find your own discoveries to report.

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Scott C. Waring


15 Comments on “Ancient Structures on Mars In NASA Global Surveyor Photos, UFO Sighting News.”

  1. Scott, the first triangular structure is clearly a TR3B! Look at the tips of the triangle, they all have the same features..

  2. This SO MUCH LIKE THE RICHAT STRUCTURE, or THE EYE OF THE SAHARA, The remains of Atlantis in Northern Africa,In my opinion due to Platons description of its location close to the pillars of Gibraltar… Mars… the trip never ends…!!!! Different planets for our civilisations…and different elements changing the directions… Once fire, then waters, fire again(when civilisation transformed to Greece- Italian, consumed by fire… Pompeiji…karmic balance restored…I dont know, but… The eyes of Mars… and the silent, almost unhearable sounds… this…) Thank You for every new day, herešŸŒ¼Maria

  3. Are there any explains from Nasa, why they do these cut outs? I mean, they hide it and don't even bother to hide it?! It's like a ''look here''!
    Also, do you know the approximately size of this?

  4. To solve other channels copying your discoveries, imprint you website prominently on the videos. Problem solved. Keep up the great finds!

  5. I immediately subscribed and hit the bell. Lately I have been extremely interested in the existence of aliens. I don't believe they would ever attack us. But I HIGHLY believe we would attack them. I've been trying to get the latest info on this stuff so maybe I could help prevent humans from hurting them.

  6. "What happened too Mars" you could ask . The answer is right in front of you. Mars's atmosphere got too thin to maintain as an livable planet. It can't sustain intelligent life anymore. Mars is an old planet and not near the same age as our Earth like our scientists claim it to be. Mars is over seven billion years old and usually planets don't make it to 8 billion years, because the atmosphere naturally gets thinner. Just look at our Earth's atmosphere, it's getting thinner every year and it isn't any asteroids of nuclear wars that's destroying it (common sense).

    What destroyed Mars's atmosphere much quicker was high impacts from Asteroids and suffering from *Gamma Ray Blasts*. Gamma Ray Blasts are also what turned Mars red, long before the Anunnaki arrived there. Millions of years ago, Gamma Ray Blasts causing nuclear reaction may have deceased most nature on Mars, sending a shockwave that turned the planet into dry sand. Mars thick atmosphere kept the planet warm, but it's an much colder planet because of the thin atmosphere. Mars' s declining is the major reason why Anunnaki left Mars and came to Earth.

    Mars used to be an planet of nature, forests, plains and rivers. Due to catastrophes and aging, Mars surface is rusting which makes Mars an red-looking planet. Draconian still visit Mars which they're probably responsible for the planet generating water again. While Anunnaki were colonizing Mars, Enlil took favoritism to Mars. Mars was actually an planet that Enlil wanted to adopt as his own. Mars might be rejuvenated because Enlil's likeness for the planet.

    As you should know, there are Bases on our Moon built by Non-Earthlings. Of course NASA has clear real photos of the alien bases on the moon, but they are afraid to show them however, they have shown many blurry ones and some were leaked to the Internet. NASA hasn't been afraid to show clear photos of Mars though, it's because Mars is an empty abandoned planet with no activity with no intelligent life. In some of these Moon photos, if you observe closely, then you'll actually see structural buildings.
    Multiple space stations and satellites have been created by these non earthlings and are around our Earth in space as well as monitoring-satellites within Earth's atmosphere which sometimes looks like moving stars during an clear night sky. The Moon is definitely an permanent station.

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