Ancient TR3B Found In Antarctic Region, UFO Sighting News.

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  1. Um, not sure if it is craft or not, but the top does appear to be metal or very reflective, with a peculiar dome in a middle. cool find.

  2. Hi Scott can you please look at this footage of a female that looks human but I think it’s a reptilian in this footage you can see in the first minutes that she shows her reptilian eyes I want just to see what your opinion is and from oder people hier is the link

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  4. It even has the 2 angled tail fins like the one I’ve seen in some videos. If you take time to look, that is a dome in center without doubt. Some ppl don’t take time to look closely and look for details.

  5. Can’t click the bell icon. Said something about being turned off because of the “made for kids” deal. Had to unsub and re-subscribe

  6. I think that NASA/JPL & associates all knows that the ancient tri shaped craft is there Scott, but they don't want to retrieve it, because of possible regional geophysical land dangers, that retrieval teams might encounter just by trying to get at it alone i feel. And not to mention the "Human Animal Hybrid Beings such as the alleged Yeti aka Big Foot Creatures" possibly inhibiting that region that they might encounter unless they brought with the retrieval team a battalion of special forces operatives & assorted hi powered weaponry to fight, disable & or kill them all off & away from the craft to be retrieved, which it seems, would be a waste of sec gov't money, mtr'ls & quite possibly mortal human lives!. So a retrieval plan for it would be highly unfesable in the long run, that I've envisioned after observing this presentation over & over & over again & again. Uc Scott, i do sense strange activity in that land region where it's located, heck don't You???, now how bout anyone else here thats posting, now don't some of you here sense something strange in the land region of the antarctica, where that ancient ET craft & close by related tech is partially burried???. Well i do & i feel that NASA/JPL does too. ☝️👾

  7. Scott you are amazing. I have come across 3 crafts and sometimes it snows again it covers back up. Lucky I have taken screen shots and real good ones tooI think I have four hundred and 80-something pictures of different types of things that I have foundguess what when I start watching your show that's where I learned mine and that's where I picked it up from watching your show and doing what you do you're the one that showed me now I learned it thank you Scott 🛸👽

  8. It's an older version orginalcuz I have seen that particular type of craft many times on the internet Scott and with its thing in the back open like that yep yep lights or something like that go there cargo something for them I don't know but that's an old version ours is that new onethe reverse-engineered but yep that's the original one there and that's another craft that there that between Aerotek crafted bow and arrow type 1 yep but that's the original tr3b is I believe 🛸🛸🛸

  9. Wow another amazing super great video info and analysis from absolutely the best channel on utube thank you keep up the good work

  10. I liked the way you zoomed out to show where it was on google earth. Keep it up, you are doing a great job Scott. Certainly had appearance of a triangular structure of some type. .

  11. If it is a craft is in the ocean now depending on how long ago the picture was taken and is not ancient is on the top layer of the glacier

  12. Oh man… Dear Scott! It's really sad that you really do believe in all your wrong opinions! You have a strong pareidoly my friend. You see here a TR3B? Gosh… Buddy this is just rock formation. A snowfree part of the mountain, nothing else. Look closely. Same with all your Mars discoveries. You see what you want to. You don't accept the possibility of being absolutely wrong. You're trapped in this "my world, i did the cover up destroyed"… Sad…. Really sad

  13. Awesome find. But you know what I'm seeing? Based on the curve of one of the sides it looks to me like a submerged round saucer with the hump on top. The triangular part might be just what is visible. The saucer rammed straight into the ground and got covered by ice and now it's melting away..

  14. hi if that is space ship i am alien. that is ice with no good light. soory to say that. i am not hater but stop that stupidity. in that planet we have people to believe that and if alen exist look us and they laugh.

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