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  1. This knowledge is in the Hindu scriptures. Is it possible that the ancient thinkers had exposure to them

  2. Hello dear reader – You are loved and cherished. Let's all learn what we can while in this glorious sandbox of life! Namaste💕

  3. Strange that today's society's are finding that Plato's teachings are the truths that we now believe to be fact. It took us a long time to figure out Plato was one of the first Spiritually Awakened people of our current civilization. Amazing post . Thanks

  4. Conclusions Before Plato!….Hmm? Absolute-Absolute-Absolute-Absolute…….reductionist-maximus-reductionism etc. There is no B3 before B4-B4-B4! There is only 0-1-0-1———011001100011 You


  6. Very insightful and impactful information for me…Plato's conclusions appear to align closely with the message of the Law of One. It feels phenomenal when your emerging beliefs are independently substantiated 😉💯

  7. All good on humans subjective worldviews and constructs…but it ignores the nature of things. All this stuff is imagined.

  8. Plato came to the conclusion with the knowledge of his time.. Does knowledge was so advanced at that time 2500 years ago.?.?

  9. Paul sounds like a journalist! Concise and erudite snapshots of great teachings – dear and glorious Plato!

  10. Isocrates was put to death by the Greek government for teaching that organized religion was a fraud and designed for human greed and to enslave us.

  11. Yes we all die. Its important to understand life is beautiful. We are in these bodies to experience this beautiful place called earth. To seek an answer or a truth would never end. It even comes down to who created the gods and who created that God and so on. It goes for eternity. Life is infinite

  12. If a newbie or non-scholarly type of person wants to learn more about Plato's works presented in this video, where should he start? What books can you recommend for him? Thanks.

  13. Thanks. But why light beings have to come into this violent world to get new experiences? It's in my understanding like going into prison instead of Harvard University.

  14. have you ever read albert hoffman my problem child? i am now doubting that plants were as strong as the new chemicals that come from plants

  15. Makes total sense to me. We are here to experience life, love, learn from it and for our souls to evolve. This is one experience in a long ladder to higher consciousness.

  16. why are we pretending that plato is the first one to make all this connections? thousands came before. Yet
    no one is willing to look beyond.

  17. May we all find the tru way cause the system we have been given to operate in is bs meant to enslave you

  18. Apparently Plato was right in as much as the principle difference between humans and apes is the introduction of two very large genes in our DNA which bear no relation to all the rest of our genes either in size or shape or content and are responsible for all the differences between the two species. Where did these come from? Certainly not Evolution.
    Try this. For a complex creature to exist a male and female are required (yes sometimes within the same body). Their reproductive systems must match exactly from the physical (which includes the hard-wired species information) to the nerve centre in their brains which has the "software" that drives the mating habits and controls the hardware and nurturing habits. It surely must be agreed that this "kit" cannot evolve over Millenia as it is only viable when 100% complete. So, in the very first instance that a new "kit" appears, say the mammalian "kit", it has to be in a perfectly matched male/female pair in order for procreation to begin. So where does the first pair come from?
    Is it not noticeable how many millions of species of creature have graced this planet and how few basic reproductive "kits" there have been, a mere handful by comparison? This is engineering best practice, a standardisation which can be scaled and programmed to suit many creatures. I am curious as to how such obvious standardisation can appear in the apparent "randomness" of evolution which, it is claimed, has no design, no development, no controlled roll out and no planned end (as these elements would require an outside force) and yet, the final product is always strangely synergistic with whatever situation it finds itself in on land, sea or in the air.
    Evolutionists will tell you that this amazing feat is accomplished by "bad" mutations not surviving, only "good" mutations survive but never tell you how the mutating genes know the difference or why "bad" mutations are produced in the first place.
    Us humans now use in-vitro fertilisation to good effect and can even combine three donors to remove "unwanted inherited traits" which I don't think evolution can claim to do; synthetic biological engineering progression which has no foreseeable limits, indeed, a form of creation.
    Dictionary: "Creation": noun
    the act of producing or causing to exist; the act of creating; engendering.

  19. Many stupid allegations about Platos work and wisdom, nothing else that interpretations in own way of the 5th kind elements, get some psihedelics and go to "islands in the sky" .

  20. I don't even know why this isn't tought in school?
    Like we learned about all those authors and artists from modernity and such stupid stuff. Like they told us why picasso was a good artist but to be honest I still don't see it. I don't want this abstract stuff.
    I want stuff like this video.

  21. Why would we want to choose to exist as a human and learn to love . When we had to come OUT of love and were already were conscious ? Is that not a bit redundant?

  22. This interpretation of Plato is the narrative’s point of view .

    Totally not relevant to reality .
    Plato was living in a period of time where slavery , social hierarchy was dominate , woman were not citizens nor had any rights and wore scarves around their heads.
    Plato like his teacher was explaining human condition with VERY religious backtones ( worship of Zeus, Athena , Apollo etc ..)
    The divine for that period of time.

    Mysticism was very dominant in Ancient Greece , just as much as science , logic etc. , whereby influenced and was part of Plato’s work. His writings were for an elite audience only .

    Plato does not address slavery , woman as non existent and the non privileged in Athenian society— it was accepted, part of life.

    Plato was convincing the Elite Athenian society of that time to explore their self centred , self indulgence existence , for a more thoughtful one , that there is more to life than what and how they were living meanwhile, the irony is that Plato was not preoccupied with slavery or the woman in society-as non existent without any rights , woman were not Athenian citizens .

    The is an important fact .

    Plato like his teacher was very good in persuasive writing — not factual.

    Please don’t present your personal interpretations as FACTUAL— whereby it’s clear that it NOT , in order to convince this public domain your own personal convictions.

    Explaining Plato in 3.55 minutes!!! Wow
    I’m definitely not convinced factually speaking , yet entertained such as reading a Dan Brown novel.

  23. Sounds like a good fairytale story to me, to give humans a hope like religion does, but the fact remains, that nobody really knows what comes next or how we came to be

  24. Oh man, Plato. Yes everything around us could be a magical reality multi matrix reality of a spirit, and physical deminsion is just one deminsion. And I begining to relize that we mabe in a most sophisticated highly advanced computational intelligence that has created everything with thought or a spirit energy that is so vast and beyond. In plain words we are in a super MPX computer Supreme Intelligence. Thank You Father. The Great Creator.

  25. Nonsense. Everything here is here for a reason. Even fear, anger… You are on a ride. But you are not a driver. It is a rollercoaster type of a ride. All you can do is to try to relax and enjoy or scream and be angry. This is nothing but a matrix. This ride of yours have been riden before and will be riden in the future bye someone else. Just like in videogame.
    Relax and enjoy the ride.

  26. Hello Paul,
    thank you for your amazing work. i really enjoy watching your channel. i am devoring videos after videos.
    i have a question. what are the source that you quote from about Plato and his theory of fractal consciousness and also the story of the children of God?
    could you indicate here the books?thank you so much
    god bless you

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