Angels and Aliens | Sky Councils and Star Trek | Paul Wallis | audio only

Angels and Aliens | Sky Councils and Star Trek | Paul Wallis
AUDIO ONLY: Extract from a late night conversation about alien presences surrounding planet Earth. What do the Bible’s stories of the Sky Council tell us? Should we be afraid? And where do angels come into the picture?

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  1. Paul, did you manage to see my comment on the 5th Kind Enoch video asking your opinion on part of Carl Sagan's study?

  2. Have you ever heard of Chuck Missler? He is very smart and has some very intriguing thoughts. You mentioned the Pledians. Have you heard of Billy Meier? If so, what is your opinion of what he says? For instance, he said that one of the Pledians appeared to the Israelites and his name is Jehovah. For that reason the Pledians are reluctant to show themselves because they don't want to be worshipped. Here is a link that you can look at when you get a chance.

  3. if any ET is reading this comment, don't give human beings anything…. bad idea, they are not even ready for the technology they use right now, they will destroy themselves and probably take you with them, its not yet TIME

  4. I read your new book in record time as I couldn't put it down and it was brilliant. Congrats for some amazing arguments and food for thought. I had been researching the old and new testament plus the apocrypha and couldn't shake the feeling that this was not god that was being described. Your book put it all into words and with greater understanding so thank you!

  5. Good evening sir, can you go far back as Tamaat, Murdok and when they collided?

  6. As I connect dots I see this planet is used as a prison to enslave life and create the labour force that can manufacture technology they need to rehabitate Mars or other planet . That is why we see many wars and but agenda to develop AI and robots kept going .
    I also believe these robots and hybrid humans already working on Mars and other planets to create habitation for alien race.

  7. I should have my book delivered by Thursday!. Not sure how this happened I must have gotten it mixed up with the order but I somehow bought the online kindle version as well! Oh well now just looking to find the time to read it now AUSOM!!.

  8. I'm only in .2 seconds and already hit that like button. This is the ONLY channel I literally wait for a new video to post.

  9. I love Paul, his insight and knowledge is both comforting and appreciated being someone that has never bought into the church or it's teaching's when too many questions could or would not be answered and people were told that they had to resort to blind faith. The Jesus and Satan story is one that I have always suspected were E.T.'s but it was not until I discovered Z. Sitchon and then the Book of Enki which depicts the competition between two half brothers competing for their fathers admiration, that I started to put the pieces together and started connecting the dots. I wonder what your thoughts might be about this theory?

  10. Clearly explained 🗣👌👊💪 just hope they 👽👽 don't kidnap you…we on earth needs you when the 🌪 comes.

  11. Would love to see a book by you on the Vatican cover ups and how they link to the Sky council….

  12. I am interested on what people can do and what cant. Is it random or innate or a random innate programming???

  13. Paul. I like the content of ur information. I've researched THESE subjects for over 30 yrs. I have information u may be interested in but, for now will continue to watch ur videos and say job WELL DONE. I'm sure ur book/books will do well and I wish YOU well. David

  14. On the topic of the Prime Meridian, imo, I think that this Universe has a law where ; whoever visits a planet, is not allowed to interfere but can intervene, i.e.: When nuclear weapons are tested, the electrical equipment cease to work… That's the visitors trying to sway the operation from continuing. So the way I see this is that a particular law exist within in this Universe which these visitors have to obey; hence their reluctance to do full disclosure out of their own accord or even on their own terms.
    Thank you Paul for your insights and for sharing it to the rest of the world. (Cape Town, South Africa 🇿🇦)

  15. Paul: I have listened to all your podcast. Excellent work. I appreciate that you make sure the listener understands there are various types of entities and not all of them are benevolent towards humanity.

  16. Paul- I have been following your interviews, videos & I believe what you have described that the Anunnaki were ets. The DNA modifications (like chromosome 2) that could never happen naturally prove to me that our DNA WAS modified by a higher species for a specific purpose. But in mho what you're describing about aliens involved in just about every weird situation in the past is nuts. Do you really think that aliens took an interest in helping life on earth succeed initially? Really? There was no life- yet. What would attract them? That's just 1 example. In Kings 1, 22 you talked about a sky council. Are you referring to the 400 prophets?

  17. +Paul Wallis, when you say, "benign" I think you meant "benevolent" 🙂 Good to know that within the Sky Council there are factions of beings that are looking out for us.

  18. In 1977 I saw a ufo at Nowra with my father. It hovered over our valiant car and the sun shone on the silver metallic disc. It was huge.

  19. When I began to realise that who I'd been speaking with all my life wasn't the holy spirit, I began to wonder if it was my higher self. So I asked the question what is my higher self. I was shown a picture of a Me sitting at table with 7 pensieves on the table and me looking down into them. And as I leaned over the shoulder of the higher self to look into these disc's I saw myself in different times and scenario's and my higher self was scrutinising each contence.. Does that mean anything to anyone? I've since learnt of operation looking glass. And it reminds me of that..

  20. I'm curious as to why of all the description of aliens none of them are described as African looking? its always nordic or gray's etc. But ive never heard anyone describe an alien as looking African

  21. Mr Wallis I watch your channel all the time or anything else I see with you in it and what I find so fascinating about you is the fact that you are a religious man and I like that you investigate and are open minded to idea that we may not be alone.
    I also love that you explain things in a way that make sense and I can understand… I appreciate what you do, my father was a jehovah's witness and always tried to pursued me to join but when I would ask questions about things that didn't make sense or didn't add up he would answer in a way that I didn't feel was informed enough it was like jehovah is god and that's all we need to know He has passed on now but I wish he was still here cause I would have him watch your 5th kind channel and show him the nasa videos/pics of alien bases/cities on the moon.
    Thank you for everything you do and have a great day

  22. Hi Paul Wallis, Question here from the PI, What can you say about the bible verse or the thought that says not to override its teachings?

  23. To develop a connection with 'others' in the universe, requires us to connect in consciousness and the ability to receive- ideas that are beyond our own invention and conventional boundaries, it is more of an internal process, than waiting for govts. to decide or allow physical contact or not? When we connect in consciousness with others , it is accepted as credible automatically through the common connection.

  24. i.e. the idea of strangeness becomes more of a bond in 'love' shared between the differing members?

  25. Things begin to look differently when you realise that we continue beyond this life. Then you expand that understanding to realise that we are not intrinsically human but that the human body and life on planet Earth is the skin we put on for a time. We are attracted to Earth and the human body because that is what our vibration draws us to. When we change our vibratory rate then we change the type of experiences we are attracted to once our earthly body dies. We may be drawn back to Earth and the human body but we could also be attracted to a different type of existence once we are ready for it. Perhaps we will even eventually come to a space where we are able to choose our own next experience.

  26. Take away the authority in the subject, the lengthy experience down to the tone of his voice, all make for an extraordinary man with an amazing new book that we all should buy and read..

  27. It seems that because of all the fuss over the planet earth there has to be some final goal. And it's a very important

  28. This parallels perfectly with Hindu/Buddhist Cosmology.Just type in Deva or Devas in google and read through the wiki.Right on Paul Wallis !

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