Anticipated UFO Report Opens More Questions

The Pentagon released the anticipated UFO report, but with not many answers as to what the aerial phenomena are. Government officials continue to examine their reports. » Subscribe to NBC News:
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Anticipated UFO Report Opens More Questions


49 Comments on “Anticipated UFO Report Opens More Questions”

  1. What those people are paid for? Those flying things have been observing for 70 years…and they say that they do not have enough data??? What?! With this attitude it will be impossible to say what those things are in next 500 years…maybe people the year 2521 will have enough data…

  2. Those UAPs are basically mouse cursors of some higher dimensional beings browsing around our planet like we do websites. They are not supposed to interact with humans but some glitches in their code caused it to happen. When earthly jet fighters tried to chase them, the higher dimensional being simply moves the mouse away to another window like we do with multiple monitors, but for us 3D+1 beings that seems instantaneous.

  3. I don't think it's from extra-terrestrial life. I don't think it's military technology. It's probably something trivial. I think there is probably intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, but I also think that the physical distances are too huge to make contact with extra-terrestrial life.

  4. Porque no les disparan cuando los ven?, si fuera un avion del narco lo refunden a balazos pero como saben que es… Son bien Culos y no hacen nada…. 😂🤣😂🤣

  5. I think a big reason Neil gets to where he is now is due to government support. He will always advocate what official message is, in regardless of what he really thinks. The number of narrow minded people out there is crazy. If government confirm aliens are out there, some people will worship them and cause tragedies like what happened in 70s (alien cult). I know it sucks but unfortunately it's gonna take another generation for this to be eventually public.

  6. First comes the report then maybe funding and research. Unless they already know. But we only recently have the technology to detect these things. As far as them being passive I can see the military more focused on other things.

  7. The report said there were 143 unexplained sightings….What about my sightings ? What about the thousands of other people who thought it was a total waste of time reporting their sightings ? The report is inaccurate from the start because of this fact .I along with many others predicted the results of this so called report on the first day and we have been proven 100% correct.

  8. Pentagon UFO report was a big fat nothing burger ! Marco Rubio is a dope. Like the Pentagon was going to come clean about anything just because some Senator stuck a rider in a bill . 🙄

  9. Anybody else ever find it a bit weird that military crafts never tried to issue warnings or fire on these frequent intruders into their private airspace or even bases ? Actually the more I think about it, the less sense it makes to me. Thoughts?

  10. "Evidence of absence" ……? Makes NO SENSE! If Tyson waves his hands around more maybe he'll pop a rabbit out of a hat.

  11. So we're not alone… And God created man in his image… So that means these folks are not from God?

  12. How many times is the news going to replay these videos and not add anymore sustenance to the issue?

  13. They are not aliens, they are not foreign technology, they are a threat to aviation and the are a threat to the USA national security. That’s really some report you’ve put together.

  14. People dismiss everything …,that’s ok ……the truth will eventually come out …..people dismiss even hard evidence from credible sources ….no matter what it is …..

  15. And if they do exhist as I believe they do ……..what if they’re evil ……there’s something happening …but ignorance and arrogance will blind us …maybe we need to be a little bit less sceptical …

  16. Why the pilot didnt open fire , or at least increase his speed to the limit he can fly at mach 2.2 why he didnt use it ?

  17. It should come as no surprise that whatever has this level of technology can evade our requirement for hard evidence and will continue to do so.

  18. "Don't have enough data". Project Bluebook started not long after the Roswell incident that same year in 1947. Also the USAF was born a month later. Bluebook has over 700 unexplained cases and over 1000 reports. The US Army at the time reported that it was in fact a crashed alien spacecraft which is what was printed in the newspaper and delivered. Then later on redacted and had the article in the newspaper reprinted. They stated it was just a weather balloon. If Roswell was just a weather balloon, then why was Bluebook even started then and the air force came to be a month later? Maybe due to what they thought was a possible threat at the time? Hmmm. They know exactly what they are and this isn't anything new or recent like they are leading it on to be. They even reported on TV back then that the UFO's were found to not be a threat at all. It is clearly not an issue of national security, unless they feel that people cannot handle the reality of it. It's not like other countries don't know about them or the beings don't have the free will to travel wherever they want to and they found long ago they weren't a threat, so I don't see how this is "national security" related at all. Well, reality is reality and people just have to accept it. They shouldn't have the choice to determine if any of us are ready for the truth or not. When is anyone going to be really ready? Are they going to lie forever when the truth is right there in front of our faces? They need to just show us everything they have and tell us what they know. They are obviously lying and we don't pay them to lie. They just want to reverse engineer the technology to weaponize it and the don't want to share any information. We're not blind or stupid. I'm pretty sure people will take it ok. So what if a few don't? They'll just have to grow up and accept truth. Personally, I don't care whether they are beings from a different galaxy stationed here to observe us, or if they had a part in our creation, or they are inter-dimensional, or if they are moderators in a simulation we call reality. None of it matters because we exist and are here and this is one of the most important things in history of the human race. Enough of the excuses already.

    Here is the broadcast.

    Here is the link to the declassified Project Bluebook in the Govt. archives.

    Roswell happened in July of 1947

    The US Air Force came to be in August of 1947

  19. It is confirmed for me that these UFOs are a physical reality. I can now deduce, considering the speed and maneuvering capabilities of these objects, that they do not originate from humans but from a more technologically advanced species. Now the relevant questions are the origins (extraterrestrial or extra dimensional) and intentions (to observe or to interpose) of this newly realized species of higher intelligence.

  20. Oh…. Yea. They can identify black holes lightyears away but can't identify objects flying in their airspace. Seems legit. It's aliens.

  21. Ask if they have tried making contact or trying to use comms to communicate with them or even lights to flash signals back and forth we need to knowwww

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