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  1. ever since beginning of time, we are bred to divide and conquer and then destroy. it's the human condition, it will never change, even in the face of extinction.

  2. Forgive me for saying this, but I am so sick of people using this (starving children) as an excuse not to invest money in space science. If it wasnt for science many of us would not be here to argue this point in the 1st place. You want to fix this planet? You let it get this way. The minute you allow someone else control over you? You no longer have any say so. So many of you complain yet do nothing to try to make it better. All the while saying someone should do something. Well do something!!

  3. We are interrupting natural selection with modern medicine, producing less healthy offsprings, new diseases, f***ing up natural resources, we are here to destroy the planet

  4. Who are they kidding they already have it !!! just another way to slowly get us to accept theirs advancement when the truth is there light years ahead !!! All be it secretly that is !!!

  5. No antigravity, nothing secret & just barely off world with ISS in low Earth orbit !
    This upload is seriously out of date by at least 15 years.
    Anyone interested in current news regarding missions to the ISS, should follow the NASA Youtube channel.

  6. So we should let our children die in the meantime you don't discover what you think is important? Try to imagine the "children" is your own son or daughter…stupid documentary!

  7. Nice bit of propaganda, it's going to be a moral conundrum that will plague humanity forever. Do we meet the present short term needs which may never cease and ignore the pursuit of knowledge that may lead to an end to hunger or disease? Perhaps we need to do both as best we can. Let Sister care for her children and the scientists take us into the future. We all have a calling.

  8. sad it is, but it is a man made problem the begetters,the begotten and the forgotten, science can only try to find ways to resolve the issues presented here.

  9. This video is full of crap, if you want to learn how the body works then study 5000 year old medicine from the Chinese. If you want to study space then get a gravitational vehicle see the truth.

  10. These are indoctrinated scientists they do not have an imagination that we are aware of.

  11. This info is as close to cutting edge as a rock is to a raiser blade, wake up guys and see the BS they are telling you. This info is useless, There is more useful info in the ancient Vedic text from India then in this video.

  12. I hate that "starving children" opposition to anything. 99 times out of 100 the local politicians steal the food and cause the starvation. Not having science, technology, or even private yachts will never make the poor rich. Having all those things provide economic activity, reiasons to be motivated, and projects that in r

  13. In light of our knowledge that gravity isn't the major force that holds the universe together, doing experiments purely based on this force alone is a massive waist of time and money as all visable matter makes up just 0.01% of the universe, Plasma Pysics includes the other 99.99% and works with QM. We live in an Electric Universe and all decisions about how our taxes are spent should now go down this road instead. Thank God for the scientists at the Thunderbolts Project- /watch?v=JnGCMQ8TJ_g

  14. It's evolution baby, if you went about feeding etc every human on this earth, we would have a planet that's even more over-crowded and poluted than it is already. The facts are the world is already too over-populated to support itself over the next 30 years or so. (some)Humans are a blight upon what used to be a beautiful ecosystem that lived in harmony. Technology has allowed this over-population, humans need to find another planet to ruin while they still can.

  15. United States and Europe can solve world's poverty issue if they really spend Money on it but instead US chooses to be spend Money on military expenditures (as much Money as all the rest of the World combined) . 700 billion dollars is spent by United States each year on military i am sure this Money is more than enough to solve poverty problems

  16. George Carlin called these characters "NAS-holes". They are nothing but neo-nazi aerospace welfare queens prepossessed of their "elite" place in the world. All they have to do is push a Goebbels style Big Lie propaganda promo, and we demon-haunted scientific illiterates will just gush'n golly wow while tossing our six pack money at all that damned good these swell two-bit racist Aryan bubbas, who lie about UFOs as well (STS 75, STS 48, glass tubes on Mars, etc) , can do for us. 3-2-1 Fuck Off.


  18. Thanks to all who work for the advancement of science to help and serve humanity. We are all the citizen of one beautiful planet earth, must work together for making our life much better and peaceful.

  19. did anyone notice that when these astronauts are "in space" they are supposedly "floating in zero gravity", but the women's hair doesn't "float"? or the gloves in that incubator type thing also doesn't "float". one of them was sitting on a stool, with no apparent belt to hold them down. I watched a video a while back, that said we not only did NOT go to the moon, but we aren't capable of surviving the "radiation belt" surrounding the earth. now I don't know if that's true, but the man on the moon videos, shows some damning evidence that it's all a fraud. the flag waving on the moon where there's not supposed to be any atmosphere, or "wind". at one point it, it blows it so much, it wraps around the astronauts Helmut. plus there are no visible stars in "space". and there are other….anomalies.

  20. that has got to be the biggest propergander film I have ever seen. We can create zero gravity here on earth. The truth would of been better than this rubbish. We need to spend money in space because when the mega rich corporate family's have totally destroyed our planet they need some where to run where every thing is already worked out for them at our expense. They think were all as dumb as them.

  21. How come they don't talk about the antigravity technology they aquired from Germany that was developed in the 50's, I thought that's what this film was about. Theoretically the ISS that they show us isn't the real space station they use for most of the expiriments, and we have a much larger station out there out of sight where they conduct the experiments they can't tell the general public.

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