24 Comments on “Apollo 11 Transparent Astronaut, NASA Lied! UFO Sighting News.”

  1. Whether it was humanity or robotics that went to the moon, what they found changed everything and I'm not talking about aliens.

  2. It was real moon landing footage but they doctored it as you described to hide all the observing crafts in the background. Or it’s all a load of crap, who knows.

  3. Better watch out Scott…. you might come up missing due to exposing such things…. ha ha haha

  4. Ok so hes the first astronaut coming out of the module and the first astronaut to set foot on the surface of the moon right? So who’s recording this footage?

  5. You know what's unbeLIEvable is the fact that the Astro-not is actually brightly visible in the shadow of the Luna lander.

  6. This is long over…. the question now us: wil we as public accept the fact that we,ve been lied to al those years? Ans still keep the public out. We are in space. Marines are in space. We are on mars and moon. Why do you think China went to the far side of the moon? Not to collect rocks. The public must know the truth. We are in title! Where do you think the money comes from? I wish i could have a conversation with the ones who came back from Serpo. Since that time we are in space.

  7. What a shock? Another AWESOME vid thanks for feeding my addiction! Seriously I appreciate this as you’re understanding and depth of knowledge is uncanny… keep up the kick ass job my friend

  8. All I’m saying is if we’ve been to the moon before why don’t we or can we obtain 4K footage of astronauts visiting the moon today!!

  9. They take us for mugs but not me they play faked the moon landings to make USSR and China think they had the technology but also to scare ET's who had become as threat with moonbases.

  10. Don Miller let me watch an eclipse off a satellite he had access to from his computer room. Believe me they didn't care how many Indian artifacts he had. Google Don Miller waldron indiana you will remember him from the world news

  11. The whole darn thing was fake in my opinion. And I bet a lot of people would agree with me. This has been brought up before that you can see right through the astronaut's. When Neil Armstrong is walking around supposedly on the moon you can see right through him like a ghost.! You can see right through Neil Armstrong like he is superimposed,the special effects are so poor. It's so fake! The whole thing was bogus.! There has been a lot written about this subject.

  12. Not the first and only time NASA has lied. It’s more shocking if they tell the truth about anything

  13. They admitted they had a movie set in case the mission failed I doubt we have been there we can't go past the van Allen belt because of the radiation danger nasa is one huge conspiracy

  14. I'd like to see the original (non digital) version of this. Digital compression can do some weird things, especially with old video where the resolutions don't match to current resolutions. AI tries to fill in scan lines that didn't exist originally. And with compression, you can even have elements from previous frames remain in all other frames. So I think we would need an expert video analyst to call this definitive proof that this shot was faked.

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