Are Aliens Fact, Fantasy Or Funding Opportunity? Does Pentagon UAP Report On UFOs Hold Any Answers?

Humans have always been fascinated by aliens, by the idea that something is out there, that we can communicate with other thinking beings who share this universe with us.

There have been plenty of unconfirmed sightings and conspiracy theories. The US Pentagon report on UFOs could change the way we “officially” view the universe.

According to the New York Times, the federal investigation has not found convincing proof of alien activity- but nor has it been able to definitively rule out extra-terrestrial reasons for UAPs- or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. But do UFOs and aliens really exit? What are these unexplained phenomena? Is this a fact, fantasy or something more than that? Will humans ever be able to solve the biggest mystery of the planet?

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24 Comments on “Are Aliens Fact, Fantasy Or Funding Opportunity? Does Pentagon UAP Report On UFOs Hold Any Answers?”

  1. Here is what scares me. There are documentaries and conversation programs that push the fear theory of extra terrestrial craft.
    Dr. Steven Greer has exposed that the technology that is moving these craft has been in our hands since the 50s. This includes free power for everybody, this includes the human ability to immediately terminate climate change and toxifying our air and our water and our land.
    Human beings need to let go of greed and power and wealth and hostility, learn how to live in total harmony around the world.
    It is no lie. If we don’t change immediately and use the technologies that have been known for decades, human life on this planet will end sooner than anyone can imagine.
    Many of the craft that perform non-ballistic ultra high speed travel are manufactured here on earth by us by humans. We possess these abilities due to interactions with civilization not of this planet.
    These other civilizations are not hostile. They visit our planet to see if we are going to destroy ourselves. I am hoping they will help us and guide us. These civilizations are not visiting this planet to attack or destroy anything. All that crap is generated by the people with power and wealth and stupidity.

  2. The one & ONLY God the father in the name of JESUS CHRIST is about to return to reign FOR ETERNITY after Jesus puts Satan in the pit for 1000 years. Aliens are here to watch the most epic event happen since God made Adam & Eve. Aliens are not allowed to interfere with us as we are in a test of our lives. Repent to Jesus Christ for your sins & your forgiven. This is the only thing that is going to save man from what is about to happen. Read KJV Bible, the word of God in old testament & NEW Testament & Revelations is God & Jesus revealing to man what is going to happen. just like the flood, no-one believed God or Noah. God warned man for many years & No-one listened or believed. God & Jesus has been warning all the people of the planet that Jesus came 2021 years ago & what is going to happen very soon. We have been warned for centuries because of Gods loving heart. & his love for man as all his children. There will be no greater regret if man dosnt ask Jesus to forgive you for your sins, its that easy. Pray for everyone. Amen. Choose Jesus or Satan

  3. Well it's not 1995 anymore. We have some clue of what they are. They can travel at speeds of mach 10 and turn on a dime. They can be any shape, and can change shape, but most are disc, spherical, or tic tac shaped. They can even be a mile big. Some move at a fairly constant rate, but many others accelerate. They can have basically any type of lighting, usually rows of color or a field of color. They can like accelerate and dissapear out of view or disappear entirely or go or into space. Can travel in space, air or underwater. Underwater it can often glow but doesn't have to. They can accelerate from zero to incredible velocities, they can travel without sound. It's as if they basically ignore gravity and inertia entirely. They can come in groups. There can be UFO flaps (a series of sightings) in an area, one of the most recent being in Mexico in the early 2000s. MUFON records a map of UFO sightings that are very detailed. They can leave physical traces, 100% pure aluminum. Some can drop molten metal. Some can take water away. Some can abduct cows and people with a glowing light beam. Many have ladders or stairs that can retract. They can have energy fields and force fields. They can have color aura force fields. They can leave implants in abductees. They can have hybrid beings. Can teleport people and leave them miles away days later. Aliens can come down from ladders or teleport directly into buildings. Often the area glows with colors like orange, red and blue. Can cut animals with laser precision and drain all their blood. They can shoot energy lasers, make fields and areas glow then the glow disappears, can travel underwater,, can dreain blood with lasers, can land on tripods, can glow in many colors, can disappear, can appear, some supposedly can hide in clouds, some can be found near volcanoes and storms etc. some can be visible only in infrared, there have been some found in orbit, there have been like worm things floating through the sky, mysterious falling objects also, there are many crashes and often aliens and tech are found at the crash sites. Can have very high strangeness. Many stories are likely fake, but many are proven unexplained even in project Blue Book era, 5% of the cases were unexplainable, true unknowns deserving the title of UFOs. Jacques Valee book and demon ideas and high quality footage of ufo vidos by the zillions all over Youtube.

  4. The US military we have our own anti-gravity ships and we've had them since the early 50s the government needs a new war, so they're going to pull a false flag saying that we are being attacked by aliens this however is totally false.

  5. At least in the war against aliens ,human race will forget all divisions and differences,enemy militaries too will join their hands and fight together to save the human race against foreign creatures.That will make us realise we all are human beings after all

  6. It seems like the government here and in other countries will sometime in the next several years or so finally just come out and admit that a lot of the UFO's and contact events that have happened for more than 80 or more years are not human in origin, regardless of who or what is utilizing this anti gravity zero point energy technology now.
    But after that it would be awesome if Joe could have Tom and Chris Mellon and elizondo and George Knapp and Bob Lazar and Sean Cahill and Richard Dolan and lex Friedman and others on his show to discuss what happens next and how will the governments apologize to the millions of civilians and others who have been embarrassed, forced or intimidated or bullied or bribed or threatened or medicated into silence when it turns out they were correct all along but purposely put down and ignored…

    Who will sue who for what in courts worldwide for financial and mental and emotional and medical damages?

    What about when the news organizations admit they've known for a long time but were forced or bribed or threatened or paid off to ridicule or smother the topic? Are they then legally liable for damages to the public even though it could deemed indirect damage? How many journalists or news people will have the guts to take a stand and risk their lives and careers to start telling the public about all the deep black operations projects that have been done in secret locations all over the world dealing with the aliens themselves as joint operation projects (as the Israeli space agency intelligence chief Haim eched said, or the former Canadian prime Minister Paul Hellyer?), or on reverse engineering projects, or on esp and mind manipulation projects, largely done without any congressional or military oversight at all using illegally created shell companies and Unacknowledged Special Access Program dark funds taken out of the national or global banking system without any humans consent or approval?

    Are the law firms and accountants and private scientific contractors liable legally now by being directly involved or even indirectly complicit and enabling by not being a whistle-blower decades ago?

    What about the pollution and devastation done to the world on forests, rivers, oceans, lakes, and land that could have been undamaged had this free and limitless and clean zero point energy been utilized for the global good many decades ago instead of oil gas coal nuclear or battery or wind or turbine or solar power?

    What about the people who already have passed away?

    Can their families sue now?

    What about those who got so put down that they ended up losing their livelihoods and got divorces or worse?

    What about possible assassinations of citizens to keep them silent without any judge or jury?

    What about companies that wrongfully lost business contracts to other companies who unfairly cheated by somehow having access to pieces of reverse engineered alien and or inter-dimensional technology?

    What if these companies and scientists and engineers and doctors and military people claim ignorance that they didn't know for sure until now that what they were working on was nonhuman and that they were justified by any means necessary because the tech could destroy their country and or the entire world?

    And what about the millions of people who've been abducted against their will and without consent?

    These aliens obviously do not recognize human legal laws or the concept of consent at least not some of the species so how would we then protect ourselves if at all from the bad ones and become friends and allies with the good intentioned and friendly helpful beings?

    What will society do if it's found out that we were in fact engineered scientifically with very advanced DNA manipulation tech hundreds of thousands of years ago mixing alien or custom made DNA with ancient Neanderthal and denisovan DNA to create us and then tweak it further over time especially after World War 2?

    How will the global financial and banking and medical and religious and scientific and academic institutions react to this?

    Will people raid the grocery stores to pick out all the food or will they just chalk it up to "oh well, God's creation is obviously a lot bigger than we thought and we're not the smartest in the universe so let's just keep living our daily lives as usual" and let everything slide?

    What will terrorists or rogue states do with zero point energy technology?

  7. We know what and who they are. It's not possible that we are the most advanced civilization in the universe. They have been here for billions of years.

  8. The us secret industry needs more money for cold esr with china,all now that have to come next!
    Before all axept it or now it ,they needs money about another reason.

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