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  1. Why the fuck you laughing about it if the pentagon and us naivy destroyers take it serious who the fuck are you to laugh about ir

  2. When the skeptics start sounding crazy you know its real. They have been here for a long time my friends. Imagine being alive hundreds of years ago, you don't know what machines, or even electricity is. A cell phone today would be like magic.. You see an intelligent illuminated object in the sky that you never even comprehended existing. there are stories like this throughout every religion and culture all throughout history. they sent a peaceful message/warning to the children of the Zimbabwe Ariel school encounter. We are destroying ourselves, i recommend everyone watch the excellent documentary The Phenomenon. Everyone needs to get up to date on this topic. UFOs are in the Bible, look at Ezekiel and the flaming chariot. Same for so many cultures and religions. My Native American ancestors called them star people.
    The Earth is our home, and we are killing it. We are killing each other. These beings are much more spiritual in nature than we think.
    I believe all of it is connected in ways we can't even comprehend. It may seem frightening or hard to believe because it's new and unknown… The world is changing faster and faster, we are on a path of a conscious awakening or self destruction. I don't know exactly what they are, but they are real. I have had a sighting myself witu my best friend next to me and could care less if anyone believes me

  3. I'll tell you what there are no aliens, they are preparing a great deception to explain away the rapture.

  4. Seen Four Balls of light
    A great distance from me
    In a split second one Ball
    Came over to me the
    Size and shape of a Nfl
    Ball the Smell of Ammonia was Strong
    The Ball was Bright white
    I Raised my hand to stop the light it went to the right I put my hand right
    It went left I put my hand left it went center I put my hand center it was head hight in a split second it went Back to the pack a great distance above the trees in a cliff
    The way it moved made me dizzy the whole sighting lasted 25 Seconds I got out of there fast weird two presidents were in the Neighbourhood same weekend Bill Clinton Boris Yeltsin .

  5. There was no trace of anything that went into the water because nothing went into the water in that video, the object went below the horizon not into the water

  6. There not a threat , they would have acted by now an inslaved or destroyed debunked that theory .

  7. Who's the one still standing with understanding. Truth by my side when it comes to my close encounter.
    No one came to me and took me seriously.
    The truth is you can see them.
    But refuse to know through ignorance to those that know and understand.

  8. Great job on the interview. I can't believe that for so many it's still like a taboo to talk about. Greetings from Aruba….

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