Are These UFO Sightings Really Extraterrestrial? Mick West

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An unidentified flying object (UFO) is any aerial phenomenon that cannot immediately be identified or explained. Most UFOs are identified or investigated as conventional objects or phenomena. The term is widely used for claimed observations of extraterrestrial spacecraft-aircraft, and was coined as an anacronym by Project Blue Book project head Edward J. Ruppelt. Many UFOs are described as being flying saucers.


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26 Comments on “Are These UFO Sightings Really Extraterrestrial? Mick West”

  1. Eye witnesses … anyone who read Shaw's Memory Illusion or Loftus's Eyewitness Testimony will have a good laugh about eye witnesses.

  2. No country on earth has this advanced technology, no one on earth could survive the G-Force. Nothing on earth can travel at those speeds, and then dive right into the ocean. You're seeing the UFOS on radar, they travel too fast to take photos.

  3. It's an alien probe. The military and all the experts would know if it was a jet plane. This guys wrong.

  4. Neil deGrasse Tyson believes similarly to Mick. Tyson said the Navy pilot sightings are probably glitches or other phenomena in the cameras and/or radar.

  5. The ‘believers’ are the same gullible bunch that believe in ‘god’, flat earth and Trump 😏

  6. Mick West is a retired video game programmer, and his "debunkings" of military UFO footages have been DEBUNKED several times by people with actual credibility, such as retired pilots, who know how to operate military apparatus and have profound knowledge of the science behind them. So yeah, I don't even get why redditors praise Mick so much when it comes to scepticism.

  7. Interesting how many comments there are here by the faux UFO/UAP experts questioning Mick's expertise. I suspect they comment without watching this podcast or are going la la la la with fingers in their ears the entire time.

    Funny how people react to having their myths questioned. Jesus, bigfoot, ghosts, aliens and zombies, all the same brain malfunctions.

    The military can read the names on football jerseys from space yet all they can provide are grainy infrared images of the aliens….

    Mick has a number of respectful discussions with all of the people involved in the Tic-Tac events.

  8. Unfortunately Mick debunks, he is 'its silly, aliens can't be here so it's something else'. He only looks at the videos or photos. He fits his theory to make it work and says everyone in the navy can't identify things and are all wrong and he is right.

    Mick doesn't listen to the holistic evidence. He deletes the audio by the pilots saying 'theres a whole fleet of them going into the wind' as this is not good evidence to say they are witnessing something out of the normal?! He says it's a aircraft that the navy and a aircraft carrier can't identify. Mick is annoying to disregard 70years of UFO sightings and evidence as nothing.

    Mick has not studied the UFO topic and has no right to dismiss UFO researchers or talk about the subject. Only thing I agree with is videos are inconclusive without more data. But he can't prove its a balloon or a UFO. How long did you see the blue car driving fast 20 years ago Mick? Stupid argument they said it happen but of course would be hard to know and incident in minutes and seconds.

    Mick do you know how the human brain works? Know if the universe goes on forever? Know other dimensions are a real thing? 95% of everything in the universe we can't see.. Mick is annoying.

  9. Mick West is a retired video games programmer so would take his opinion with a few grains of salt.

  10. Chemtrails? ……shakin ma head here. Yeah, they actually ARE Chemtrails….. burnt jet fuel and (mostly) water vapour.

  11. Mr. know it all. How about the incident that happen years back, where the whole school of children witness a craft with hominoids coming out of them. Years later the kids are adults and they could still recount on what happened that very night!!! Why don't you ass wipe get some of those people on the YouTube for an interview. You are like a spirituality dead person. Very lame with zero amount of faith.

  12. It'll be June 25th 2021 when the report will be released, it's aliens if you ask me, it's revealed in the Torah we are not alone.

  13. Oh look… more childhood trauma based denialism. OK buddy I'm suuuure you are being objective. LMAO Watch out there is an alien under your bed! hahah 👽

  14. THEY def had more experience than Mick West.

    WTF. He's a video game producer. ???? Just listen to the pilots. He hasn't all the facts it's just a lack of imagination mixed with arrogance. Do your homework and pay attention.

    Chris Letho (F16 PILOT) already de-debunked Mr. West's video and there's no response from West till today. 😀

  15. It's a huge leap to say, "we don't know what we're seeing, so … aliens from a bazillion miles away have come to play hide and seek with us". We would have to assume either faster-than-light travel, wormhole travel, or interdimensional travel. All really neat ideas in science fiction, but we have no idea if it's possible for a living being to travel like that. Any of those three methods of travel would consume a lot of energy and would be very dangerous to life. Just because someone can do the math for FTL travel doesn't mean it's a real world possibility.

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