24 Comments on “Are UFOs a Threat? Pentagon Due to Deliver Report to Congress”

  1. USA should have disclosed this info 5 years before, at last nowif this disclose is made it would be great help to human beings.

  2. Every human is ready now to face facts about the aliens because due to increase in technology the people have lost fear about the scientific facts. USA 🇺🇸 should not worry about public intellectuality. But, some terrorists groups may try some bad things.

  3. I love how this is all finally being verified yet we were called crazy for years saying something weird is going on. I really hope this report is good and it shuts up all the doubters. I'm not saying its aliens but something weird as fuck is going on.

  4. Oh yes tic tac shaped. How convenient. That’s exactly what a black blurry photo looks like taken from a Nokia brick.

  5. Always an agenda coming from any government related sector. Not everyone is this gullible and many of us have already disclosed ourselves with independent research, common sense, and critical thinking.

  6. Couldn’t these new spacecraft sightings and the government now claiming UFO’s are rest; just be the government flexing their new “toys”?!

  7. Imagine VOA being funded by the USA government (it is) releasing a video telling people there are ufos. That’s where we are at today. Who are we telling we have new technology or who’s telling us they have new technology?? Hmm 🤔 pickin up what you guys are puttin down. The latter is kinda scary though…

  8. They are looking at this aircraft and they don’t know what it and how it’s flying but why don’t they just shoot it down and find out? Why?

  9. Why suddenly are we hearing so much abt UFO these days?? Wasn’t this like a taboo topic few years ago? Why is the American media so focus on UFO all of a sudden?

  10. So none of our aircraft have Actual cameras on them? Just radar or infrared sensors? You would think that would be one of the most affordable accessories that a military jet could have.

  11. What if the ufo are coming from the deepest darkest caverns at the bottom of the sea and there exists a super intelligent species on our planet for millions of years and have been spying on us because they were once hunted down by us or they made us and are keeping a close eye on their experiment

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