Are UFOs the latest victims of cancel culture?

Is this a case for Mulder and Scully?

The British government says it will not be opening its X-files on UFOs, therefore not following America which released a report on the subject.

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48 Comments on “Are UFOs the latest victims of cancel culture?”

  1. Of course they were human crafts. Aliens would take one look at the "woke mob" and say "No intelligent life there", then turn around and go somewhere else.

  2. UFOs are b/s, there's better things to do with our time and money, and news stations shouldn't be covering this garbage.

  3. If you weren't sure GBNews is mainstream news, setting up a false flag "alien invasion" or "alien first contact" situation

  4. Regardless of whether or not they are real, the choice to release the information was an attempted distraction from a shitty presidency. Also, Gary wants too much for it to be true to be deemed trustworthy, he should embrace Popperian Falsification.

  5. All faked by the military in the US to get more money and I cant fucking wait to see that get uncovered and all those people involved to get sacked and hopefully go to jail.

  6. The last time humans encountered aliens was about 13000 years ago, after the asteroids hit Greenland. It was either a mission of mercy, or they were here to collect samples, and the lines in South America? Cargo Cult.

  7. Ah yes, GBNews the gathering place of the world's greatest minds and experts…look at all that tinfoil.

  8. Sorry to be a party pooper but there's a guy on youtube "Thunderfoot" who debunks those Pentagon videos, he does it to my satisfaction let's put it that way, and maybe if other people were to watch it it would be to theirs.
    Having seen that, its clear to me that the Pentagon are knowingly pumping out utter drivel for presumably some intelligence purpose. I don't want to criticise anyone in particular as it's across the board, in fact I wouldn't criticise at all I find it very funny, but there are a lot of people talking about it who will know perfectly well it's a load of rubbish.
    None of that's true, they can do this speed and this G force etc. None of that is happening lol

  9. Why have they never approached us when they've supposedly visited earth? Not ruling out that other life doesn't exist in the universe but I certainly don't think it's made its way over here. I mean what sane alien would want to land here ffs?

  10. I think we are one of a kind, any aliens are more likely to be like
    the rest of our animal kingdom; they don't need that tech shite.

  11. Why are presenters so rude to cut away from a person as soon as they start speaking openly. Disrespectful.

  12. think about, planet Earth is screaming racism and little grey, tall white with golden hair, small greenish aliens are going to reveal themselves. you know why we have so many sightings now? they are getting the heck off Earth while the gettins good. in 4 years, they can come back to a nice empty radiated planet ready for colonization. the only thing left standing will be a sign in DC, it will say, "JOES BAR AND GRILL., aliens welcome"

  13. They experience no g-forces, they're in their own kind of space like we are on earth, might be some kind of electric magnetic sphere or something so it doesn't get affected, either that or it's A.I and so it wouldn't matter

  14. It's NOT a fly on the lens 😂( typical stupid remarks from typically stupid people)
    Whilst fishing in South Wales a few years ago ( at night for seatrout) a friend and I saw a few UFO's
    Moving at unbeatable speeds , We reported them the next day , Oh! they said, probably a weather balloon

  15. Even if there is anything to disclose, they would not, anybody in a loonybin has a lawsuit.

  16. OMG, 'There has been a change of thinking' by the American Government: No they often use this kind of thinking it's called distraction politics, Election Audit anyone?? I would call out GB news on this seeing as they are not reporting the audit at all but give them the benefit of the doubt seeing as it is American news and not British.

  17. I'm not sure that having been a "public UFO researcher" for over 40 years is a claim to either credibility or objectivity…

  18. I watched at least two of these USAN-USAF videos – all I could see was a blemish on a lense and an insect on a screen.

  19. I'd be happy if these aliens would come and take these 'Woke' nutters away to another planet that they can have all to themselves & at the same time leave the rest of use in peace.

  20. Well global warming didn't scare them, the Covid scam is running out of steam, what can we try next? How about UFO's? Worth a try start the ball rolling.

  21. who believes ANYTHING a politician says????? they are LIARS and you can NEVER trust them…. EVER….

  22. Cancel culture will soon be the victim of cancel culture because there will be nothing else left to cancel.

  23. UFO does not actually mean "alien", that is Hollyweird logic and movie making. It ranks up there with lauging at ray guns and death rays, when one was talking about lasers and the latter was a mazor, a focused microwave beam.

    A few of the video released that have been pointed out as weird craft, fall within camera artefact territory. One case when you read the data on screen properly shows the object is not wizzing far below out in the ocean, but travelling at wind speed, it's only the aircraft camera moving that makes it seem far faster. Another rotated with the rotation of the camera. Then you have the one's that are the same shape as the camera aperture, meaning even if something is there you;d have a hard time making it out.

    Back in 1983 a Russian ballistic missile infrared satellite detected the launch of 5 ICBMs from the USA on the USSR, the guy on watch did not trust the instruments, maybe due to them not moving like missiles on tracking so he did not tell his immediate superior. There were no missles it seems, best guess was sun light confusing the satellite, and the later tests showed no faults.

    Point being cameras have limitations and you need to know exactly what they are to understand what you're seeing.

  24. UFO’s are multidimensional crafts from the spiritual dimension which means Aliens are spiritual beings (I.e. not friendly)

  25. Cor this is a better time filler than BBC Look East, a donkey stuck down a well in a village in Norfolk that's spelling and pronunciation are alien to each other.

  26. One moment please… I know everything the UK Government does about ufos. Which case would you like me to talk about with evidence to prove it's real. They were passing by the eastern side of Great Britain in the 1950s near Norway and heading North to the Arctic (at least two incidents occurred after world war 2 where this took place several times) and they were moving over nuclear missile bases over England before technology allowed you to stuff them in submarines (so if things went wrong, they could sink to the bottom of the ocean, or explode far away from land). Ahhh… isn't the military awesome.

  27. These things are absolutely real, but no one knows what they are. It's either foreign or private technology – or it's ET's. Time will tell …

  28. I know we should chuck vast amounts of money into absolutely nothing where do they get these people from and let there views out to the public ffs

  29. Can you imagine if we were invaded and the only people that had a problem with were lefties, sheer bliss

  30. The world seems to be full of crackpot cranks and nutcase conspiracy theorists these days.

  31. Don't trust anyone involved with this so called "disclosure" movement… You don't have to venture very far out on the conspiracy theory limb to find some very nefarious characters indeed. John "the molesta" Podesta with his grubby little paws in TTSA a case in point.

    There's an agenda behind this.

    We're in a time where all enterprises fall, we should beware of the wolves that haunt us.

  32. Heads up everyone, especially the Wokens, the human race is an Alien experiment, gone wrong. Stonehenge, built by aliens, Egyption and other pyramids, built by aliens. No such thing as "Cavemen", never existed. Physically, it would seem that humans have been bio engineered from apes and pigs. We have many of the attributes of apes, but our closest DNA realtive, are pigs.

  33. UFOs are just that – UFOs. Until the credulous want to turn them into something else. Odd that these phenomena seem to – almost without exception – invade US air space. What happened to living in a rational world without the credulity?

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