Are we about to learn the truth about UFOs? | Planet America

On this episode of Planet America:
0:00 – Can the USA broker peace between Israel and the Palestinians?
17:07 – Democrat push to establish an independent commission to investigate the Capitol riots struggles to pass the Senate.
22:45 – The mysterious attacks leaving US diplomats with “Havana Syndrome”.
33:23 – And, are we about to learn the truth about UFOs?
41:11 – The CDC changes its advice on wearing masks.

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35 Comments on “Are we about to learn the truth about UFOs? | Planet America”

  1. Special blloons could be a plausible explanation for ufos. If there are many ballons, which can change their reflection towards radar, then you could switch it on and off and create the impression, that objects move with very high acceleration.
    Somebody just lets fly many ballons and then controls them. Purpose could be, to spy military and industrial areas. Second would be to check, how good the radar systems works and where they are located.
    Ballons could have self destruction devices, so that one does not find anything of them. You must observe them with optical telescopes from different locations, so that you can observe their path and their movements. Should be possible, if one uses all hobby astronomers with their telescopes to observe the sky day and night. Just organize them to observe and take fotos and vido clips.

  2. I think I just stumbled into the wacko forum by mistake? Sorry. I don't believe in nonsense like God or little green aliens visiting us here on Earth until proven otherwise. As Sagan said, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I'd love to be proven wrong. Sadly, it's just us with our vivid imaginations. Give me proof, not opinions. Opinions are like a-holes, right?

  3. You people suck. Hamasaki started it i say Israel should end hamas. We need to back Israel. When they were killed by the Nazis we said never again. I will not ever watch you guys again.

  4. Greetings my alien babies 🛸👽🖖 UFO hunter here living in a weird UFO hot spot. I used to stargaze for 15 hours a week and have seen a lot of incredible and “impossible” things.

    If you still don’t believe in UFOs and alien life, go eat a sandwich

  5. Came here looking for a genuine discussion about the UAP phenomena….I’m about as disappointed as those poor aliens will be when they meet Biden.

  6. Well if people do all their vaccine research on Facebook, they only have themselves to blame. It’s a shame they’ll take others with them on their selfish, paranoid journey.

  7. 1. Ongoing expulsions of Palestinians from their land. 2. Israel escalates by expelling Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem and raids al-asqa Mosque. 3. Hamas warns Israel to stop otherwise they will attack. 4. Israel does not stop. 5. Hamas fires rockets. If you are a media outlet and you start with 5 you are misleading your audience.

  8. What about the UVOs (Unidentified Viral Objects)
    that are inside each and every COVID jab injected into your body that change your DNA?
    "Hey look up there at the big UFOs in the sky, don't look down here at what we're injecting into your arm thats gonna leave a permanent MARK in you.

  9. Only US get alien visitations with annoying sound waves.

    Fortunately these guys leave the rest of us alone.

  10. I look forward to the day that the Australian Government defunds the ABC and these 2 morons have their crap show pulled through lack of interest.

  11. I don't know what's more alarming, people who think this is fake or the government pretending they know nothing about it..

  12. The announcement in June is them telling us Earth is joining the Galactic Federation of Planets to commence commerce for the positive benefits for humanity.😃🌏👽🕳️💰💸💵🤑🤑🤑

  13. Didn't this all start because Israeli went in to a Palestine mosque and people ended up injured and dead.

  14. I already know the truth about UFOs and I'm not the only one theirs thousands of us we know what they are and why their hear, and what they want. You would know to if you study your Bible and read the first Book of Enoch..they know their time is short and they will have to show their self to ever one in the world soon.they are going to lie to people .they are part of the great deception.and they will take over the government. The government will not be able to lie about them either. They got the government to do what they wanted them to do and that was to lie kill whatever it took to keep this covered up .so they can fool the people. But not God's Children. They know the truth. Listen to Steve Quayle and Tom Horn.theirs many other wise people..people with knowledge. God bless 🙏 everyone. Love peace and joy with Jesus our savior forever. God revealed the truth to babes not the wise men of worldly things..

  15. Wearing mask seems to have kept 5he common Cole from spreading I haven't had a Cole SENCE people started wearing mask.or the flu.people can't sneeze in your face , better still nobody's been sneezing .Lol allergies well it don't seem to do much for my allergies.butni do believe it stopped 5he spread of Coles. That I like ALOT.

  16. Does not want the public to get the virus
    yet wants to inject the virus
    human to human transmision is dangerous
    yet flu-shot to human transmision is not dangerous
    where is the logic in that
    from human contains only the virus without side-effects
    from flu-shot contains more than the virus with side-effects

  17. Israel is doing in Gaza what Russia did in Syria. There will be refugees which will be weaponized to travel to first world countries. This was Russia's intent in bombing syria.

  18. 24 minutes mark:

    Not so improbable. Microwave projecting device could be hidden in a vehicle, a carry-on bag, etc. DC is full of media vehicles with precision aimable dishes on their roof.

  19. 70 years of fuzzy things in the sky and no one understands why we aren’t interested now. The misdirected isn’t working

  20. Wow, asking the tough questions!
    Its becoming more and more obvious that this show is just another left leaning democrat cheer squad.

  21. An equally moronic question would be 'Will our lying overlords impart empowering truths to the masses?'

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