Area 51, Aliens And Life On Mars | NASA Chief Charles Boden Interview

In an exclusive Hotseat interview for Sky News and First News, NASA chief Charles Boden talks to young people about all things space.

The organisation’s administrator, who himself flew several shuttle missions, discusses Area 51, aliens and the possibility of a manned mission to Mars.

Video thumbnail credit: NASA/JSC by Pat Rawlings

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38 Comments on “Area 51, Aliens And Life On Mars | NASA Chief Charles Boden Interview”

  1. Its a privilege for anyone to even be in a room with someone like Charles Bolden.

  2. Hes Caliming to go to the moon…. while @ generation of astronauts later claims they need to solve the Problem of passing through the Van allen belts!!

  3. Yea Area 51 inside the secret underground base in the most security base inside the secure cage has aliens and trying to find any alien 👽 comments so meaning Area 51 has aliens

  4. I think man went to Mars and the moon in ancient past but earth was devastated(flood story was around before the Bible BTW) and now we're just restarting again?

  5. Just recently they admitted to UFOs being real in that we have a recovered not of this Earth Craft.

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