ASTRONAUT BUSTED Trying To Hide UFOs Near ISS! 1/14/17

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38 Comments on “ASTRONAUT BUSTED Trying To Hide UFOs Near ISS! 1/14/17”

  1. I just don't understand why these Humans are hiding this from us??? How can look themselves in the face every day knowing we are being fooled as species

  2. Proof those astronauts are in on keeping humanity dumb. Its proven once you pay humans enough they will do whatever it takes to keep the others in slavery.

    When they are about to die then they want to clear their conscience


  3. Tyler I took a video in Texas most people can't see it but maybe you can but I don't know how to send it to you can you help me out and try to explain what it is we are seeing

  4. Great video and I agree with you. Bottomline is NASA lies. Government lies. Media lies. Not one of these bodies should be trusted.

  5. Wonder what the benefit is to flying a boomerang craft. Gotta be a physics-based reason.

  6. Tyler, please stay sober. Please keep your nose clean. You have a huge following and have had interviews with top dogs. Do not let your vices get the better of you!

  7. How come the khaki colored glove or strap swings back and forth in the first part? Shouldn't the vacuum of space, void of gravity, cause objects to be frozen or stiff and wouldn't there be a lack of centrifugal force? The clip seems to show the forces of gravity apparently swinging the strap.

  8. I always go back to this thinking why do they want to censor this?? We can handle it probably better than they can. We are forcing their hand to full disclosure. And it's about friggin time. Period. Thanks Tyler, you are a true hero.

  9. My father and I both saw something like this back in literally like 2004 or 5 that may, have been the same one. We were star watching at my cottage laying out watching the stars. When we saw what we thought must have been a satelite at first suddenly turn very rapidly two or three times changing direction and moving super fast where being that far away must have been going incredible speeds to spear this quick to us on, ground. Whizzed around wirhab few quick 90 degree turns then accelerated even faster outwards and disappeared. To this day we both remember it and we agreed when we saw it there was no way in hell that was anything man made or a shooting star.

  10. View Mary Hall's you tube. She has lots of ISS footage with ufos. One even hit the vehicle.

  11. We have nothing that moves & Manuvers this fast in space…unless it is from area51. ..but if we do..then China & Russia have it too.

  12. Heh did anyone see the live broadcast from NASA , were you could see a gray looks out a port widow and all the sudden NASA went off line PDQ , but you can clearly see the the gray in the port and even now they never show any more ports , hmmm

  13. don't know how any of you really feel, but I don't know that we're ever going to actually have "full disclosure". The reason, I believe, is really rather obvious if you think 🤔 about it.
    Visitors observing our society can see that we live together on our planet and suffer from simultaneous worldwide epidemic's of deaths from both obesity and starvation! Observers would see Earth warriors killing brother Earth warriors. The would witness senseless acts of Rape, Murder, and hatred of our mutual family of Earthling over imaginary borderlands and the color of melanin in our Earthly skins. We hunt defenseless animals for sport not to feed the starving, we disregard those who are less mentally capable, our "council of elders"(Government) are honestly gangsters, and our children are taught not to study what truly fascinated them because of bureaucracy.
    If they landed in peace, most of the population would run and hide, while our military service members, public officials, militias and the gun carrying members of the public would shoot first and ask questions about the remaining body and technology later.
    Disclosure?! This is it. Pentagon confirms U.AP. "We don't know what it is but we're still inquiring."
    And scene.
    If anyone read this far. WE have to make sure to reach out the olive branches! US!! The Pseudo-Science, Conspiracy Theory aficionados! We have to do it right. Right now, right away! Or do nothing and never know what the Universe is really, truly, like in our lifetime.

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