24 Comments on “Awesome UFO Over Sacramento, California, 3-20-2021, Video, UFO Sighting News.”

  1. Why are these things so damn odd looking? Maybe to us they are but wow… totally shipshaping freakazoids

  2. First I want to say if you see something please please please don't make a vertical video, ok??? Next, I love seeing new things but of these things ,this to me lacked the right angles and all of the things that go with the" more traditional UAV I'm guessing a piece of plastic, lightweight sheeting etc . No lights , no nothing of wonderment outside of altitude. Thank you Scott 🤠🙏👍

  3. Definitely seems to change shape so I have no idea what that could be.Good footage Scott.Keep them coming mate.

  4. Towards the end it seems to me it is discharging a gas. I have seen one like that myself 10 years ago with a short tail of gas slowly dispersed.

  5. If it were a drone you’d hear at least a little bit of noise coming from it. My neighbor that is really good friends with my family owns huge and small drones 10s of thousands of dollars worth and you always hear them even when they are 50 to 200 feet in the air.

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