Ball of Light, Touchet, Washington, USA 1-27-2021, UFO Sighting News.

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Video source: MUFON #113398


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  1. can i get in touch with you?! me my girlfriend and a friend seen one from very up close and pass over us, and accelerate with tremendous speed in the netherlands – nijmegen. in great detail i can discribe what it looks like from very up close

    not sure if you have any need for it, but id like to share our story with you.. its real funny because i just seen this video pop up in my sub feed, and what are the odds that its exactly that wich we seen somewhere around 2012

  2. I live in the same state. This looks like the thing I saw back in the 1990s. But mine hovered, then moved a bit. And when it went into some very thin clouds, I could see a blue laser type light shining out from the bottom of it. I had a very bad feeling about seing that thing.

  3. Nice orb! They are seen more and more. Have you seen the one clip where one is very close to the ground and people? Very unusual that one.

  4. When it flickers like that it's generally a Chinese lantern. Balls of light are the most common ufo because so many things in the sky look like a ball of light on camera.

  5. We had this thing come close to our aircraft on the 23rd. You might want to check out the vid I made. Alien drone /probe prob

  6. I would say ball lightning, but it doesn't look like stormy weather here. UFO by definition. Also, thanks for saying you verify your sources. Not everything posted here is necessarily unexplained; but you don't post obvious sfx videos.

  7. FYI, these same lights are always seen in Lacey, WA.. I have actual video recordings from myself and family members.

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