Banned UFO News Story

October 21st 1954 in West Midlands (Staffordshire) England, Jessie Roestenberg and her two children, witnessed an object flying over their house. She described seeing “two blondes with blonde/golden hair” staring down at them.
This video was banned from airing on TV in the UK starting in the late 60’s.


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  1. yep that's how I feel it happened to me and that's that. I was'nt scared just in awe as the three lights in a triangle pattern toook off in a zig zag motion off in the night sky as the military helo came with a spot light looking around. Then a bigger helo a chanook with two props perhaps full of army men. Strangest thing. But wait theirs more…maybe next time. it happened to me don't care what anyone thinks.

  2. Think she was so down to earth and for me totally believable. Good on her for not caring bout what others thought…it doesn’t matter to her bcos she knows she witnessed an amazing event. It’s funny how in court of law an eye witness’s testimony is relevant but when ufo’s are concerned then your usually classed as a fraud

  3. You can almost touch her sincerity!
    Some years ago this vid was all over the internet. Now it´s tough to find. If you do not type in precisely, YT gives you hardly a chance.
    I strongly appreciate this lady´s courage to stand by her experience and for such i take a bow!
    Cheers Madame!!

  4. Shes describing the same type of occupants that Travis Walton made contact with ,
    Very weird, I believe her,, and I believe

  5. She wears her heart on her sleeves, for all to see, there is no falsehood within her.

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