Barack Obama reveals UFOs exist, but what is his view on these 'objects'? | Oneindia News

It is believed every US president is privy to top secrets of the state that include something related to aliens or extra terrestrial life and that every president is sworn to secrecy that they must never reveal these secrets to the public. But here is what Barack Obama said in an interview recently.

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9 Comments on “Barack Obama reveals UFOs exist, but what is his view on these 'objects'? | Oneindia News”

  1. See what I mean? ­čśĆ All of a sudden they talking about this – theyre preparing people for the 3 days of darkness which is seconds away! Thats when all the alien demons, the fallen angels, the nephillians demons, and the zombie apocalypse will come rolling out in the thicke darkness! Its going to be horrible! Right behind that, the son of perdition will reveal himself !

  2. The ISS is really the meeting spot..far away from prying eyes..Alien craft will dock with the ISS an the aliens can talk to any of the 3 big lead countrys presidents..ive seen a UFO actually docked to the ISS to prove this avoid them coming to Earth they set it up..with the ETs help..Russia,China an the US are the big 3

  3. Yahan logon ki ki jaan ja rahi hai aur inhe HD zamaane mein nokia se khichi UFO videos ki padhi hai. Mar jao

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