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  1. you wi notice that i have a etter on my ey pad that just stopped woring. I have some data that ive been sitting on for over 3 years that needs to be ooed into. expeditiousy. Because. its that serious. Now, first and foremost. Id want to show my greatest appreciations and my utmost respect out to Mies, remember, two etters do not wor, you guys wi figure that out. Mr.Mies yoursef and harod autz vea were the two that give me the understanding that this mission or quest that im on wi not be meaningess. I fowed my inner guide. My Gut. And the ony Two Peope that speaing on these strange anomoies here with us in our reaity as we spea. If this isnt Prometheus. We then idont now what ese to ca it.
    Over 3 years ago i came accross i beieve that his name is Richard Feynman. Athough there seems to be some contreversy of the two names in this bio physist community whos the true founder. Its appes and oranges to me at this point. But, it was the statement foowed after Feynmans discovery the aerted me enough to utiize every ounce aymen prowess and diigence now wat exacty is he speaing on when made this qoute; "Theres Penty of room at the Bottom." What he did was, through scientific research He ound out that the discovery of nano technogy by a device used by him that there was another ayer of existance right here if was that in we humans woud not nown even existed thans to Feynmans constructing the nanometer. If youd woud expore into nanotechnoogy. It wi a come together what these advance scientific engineers have created that these two scientific Engineers; Dr. Deage where his ast name is missing that etter. Harod autz vea.reveaing the actiua existance of iving entities that are inside the chemtrais that are continuiosy being spade every on ivng organism upon this panet that has these siicon based ifeforms that DO NOT originate from this panet. and they are INTEIGENT. And wi fight bac. i have proof ! That they are here. And they have been pacedinto our word to terraform our panet. I have the images that are going to send chis down your spine nowing that this ifeform has gone inside your though your oe factories, into your our DNA and has the protein in its DNA that tes thethis specific protein that in our DNA to turn its head and aow the aein DNA to wecome it into our RNA to to REPACE our DNA. maing humans now nothing more but the couriers for these siicon basd aggressive sicon based ifefo®ms that have originated form this panet

  2. Hi Miles this is nothing but a bunch of Bunk Trump was brief on the aliens just like all presidents . Russian Government has already came out and admitted that aliens exist..The Grey's have bases on the moon .yes I'm aware we are going to war. All.wars are banker wars .once the U.S crashes and burns and their enough people are sick and dying from their vaccines then we will see the Red Dawn to bring everyone shrimp fried rice and chopsticks.dont forget your fortune 🍪

  3. Hi Miles, love your Bases Project. Lately I have see your `computer problems` getting in the way of sharing your work. There must be a few people nearby that could help you. I am asking on your behalf, that someone in Devizes sorts this out.
    Thankyou from a pirate swl from the old days. x

  4. I watched several interviews in the past with Max and James. Something familiar especially with Max. Things happened to me when I was a kid (I'm in America btw). Mostly frustration because I can't remember everything. Oh well.

    Fast forward to last ten years I know about some messages in an unknown language. Figured out through trial and error what some of the words mean. For years and years it has been all about "Pluto" and sometimes "Neptune." Less than a month ago that was the case. Just this week the same words in messages but now mostly about "Jupiter" and some mention of "Mars." Last night they mentioned "Saturn." I believe that the root word (planet) "Shoter" is Mars so that would possibly indicate a place of origin for the language in question. I was in intelligence for 6 years and know the format of radio messages. The pattern of these strongly indicates they are military type broadcasts or announcements.

    I'm pretty sure I was used for these kinds of things as a kid. Other than that I can only conjecture.

    I will say that anything that united our country would in a way be a good thing. FORCED to settle the differences to come together to fight a common enemy might be a rite of passage for us?

    Sorry your presentation did not go well in reference to technical difficulties. Not sure what I think of those stories. I don't trust most of the press these days.

    But in reference to what is happening these days I won't rule out anything. It is definitely getting crazier every day. So I guess it's possible especially considering what is probably hidden in my distant past.

  5. Wonderful finally, the US are the ones being invaded as opposed to the US always being the invader of many innocent countries.
    Could be fake fake fake thanks Myles

  6. Mate you've gotta cut out those multiple minutes of you getting frustrated with your computer. That's not going to do your channel any favours.

  7. Hii, I don’t know what’s going on, but last night , unusual loud airplanes was flying . On strange direction , started 12pm-6 am, Dec/11/20 N Y

  8. It coincides with a visit from a fleet of friendly, hybrid, human-mammal sophisticated aliens waiting in outer space to come in and visit over the next 3 weeks (been here 3 weeks already). Their ships are black, fast, heavy and are carrying many other aliens. The ships look like TR3B's but are wider and have a grey panelling on the wing. They'll be too fast to see with the eye. They are friendly and just having a look around. I wonder if we are going out for a look at them. There is a variety of mixes. They are not SSP related but Inner Earth gave us the heads up. Peace. M says Hi as well.

  9. Miles. Just in last night. The aliens are Mermen. They have a male top half with beards and pony-tails and flipper bottom half. If they do stop they may go for a swim near Spain. Spain is near Atlantis. I used to be a Mermaid in Atlantis about 40,000 years ago, but I was fully fish and no hair. It has more to do with portal location than viewing our ruins.

  10. I can maybe believe your cellphone reading if you give a source but the rag behind you honestly looks like a joke mag like the ones that give Elvis sightings. One thing to think about is the possibility that Madonna and daughter are just some of the secret transgenders in Hollywood; perhaps that was one reason why you were having computer troubles.

  11. There are aliens here , but what he’s reading is propaganda, it’s the way the media wants to spin it. Imo beware, there the same ppl that have an agenda for us. And we wouldn’t like it.

  12. It is not a Vaccine it is a Synthetic Pathogen delivery system aka a biological weapons delivery system.

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