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  1. There must be something else that went on there there's too many car's on the road for one car flipped over, shared 2020/

  2. I believe that they will show themselves in 221/ some of them will, they are getting fed up with the Government's of this World for not telling the people of Earth that they have been here since the beginning of time itself, shared 2020/ PS not all of this Being's are friendly towards humans, plus there is also Demonic Spiritual Being's on Earth as well

  3. I hope that you are aware of these Being's know when people are on the air, and what is been talked about, they do go after people who talk or come forward that is true, they don't like anyone, speaking out, shocking what's happening and how people are still been Persecuted and fooled by these Being's shared 2020/ wake up do not fear these Being's this is food and Energy to them stay Positive at all time's, whatever, you believe in stay focused on that if you come face to face with one, of these Being's, either from the Demonic Spiritual Realm's Demon's, or with the real deal the Sky People, that's what I call them, they are real Good Luck and Best wishes to all, PS if they want you too see them they will appear, in the sky, or in front of you, don't go looking for these Being's, danger is everywhere around Earth,

  4. Thankyou Miles i finally feel like a designer and I'm helping the the truth you look really good I made the jacket so you would have a beautiful violet protection, I love the Jacket it looks great on you, Beautiful when I sent it I hoped it would make it in good time yay. I'm so proud your wearing it, my instagram is lemuria___rising you can contact, me there for a bases jacket or a custom design or my facebook is Phoenix Excalibur Wolf your thankyou miles

  5. I saw the same type of craft in southern u.s. on the 20th. Tried to film it but was too late.

  6. In the first photo, what looks like clouds is actually a HUGE planetary object in the background of the UFO. Take your focus off of the flying craft for a moment (which is spectacular btw) and run the photo through some filters. You will find and see that the background of that photo is just as interesting and worthy of scrutiny as the craft itself.

  7. I have witnessed the same daylight objects here in mid Wales. 20th and 21st of May but both at night time.

  8. Gab allows freedom of speech so you know all the richest companies are going to make up your thoughts for you

  9. Support Miles !!!!!!! NOT DONATION REMEMBER THAT CONVERSATION WITH Kerri MY FRIEND 😉✨🛸☝️👍☘️ from Bournemouth not so far from your good self 👍🛸✨☝️👍☘️

  10. Hey Miles, just in case the World society ends, thank you for your efforts.
    I think I came accross since 2011 with Alara Blackwell.
    What an epic line of episodes.

    Hope we see each other with other great people all around the World at some place.
    Maybe the Moon, Spacecrafts, Sea based Ships and Floating Islands, Bunkers, caves…high mountains…
    who knows…

    Would be amazing seeing you making Youtube Feeds from inside a hide out , craft or alien base!
    Maybe they take you …

  11. Hello Miles, can you actually telepathicly communicate? If so, please tell us how you do it.

  12. One more thing I want to tell you Miles.

    While I deeply apprechiate your interviews you did with psychics such as Alara Blackwell, wich was helpfull for the audience people to find them self and probably discover more about , there are also strange people with different negative intentions seeing people who " tripped by social media content ", as material resource.

    For example East Alliance Nations with Russia seem in a social war onto Western Psichics, they discover on places as here and throw them through the complete trip like the Galapagos Reptile Run snake escape aracde adventure through restaurants, medical places, food products one bought in supermarkets by agents it seems adding stuff to block skills.

    Because the next race is on the Psychic level they see as a threat where they assault us and enhance theirs.
    Too that seem trying to steal DNA material over honey traps of many others gifted people, who believe its their miracle
    encounter with wonder woman…

  13. The first picture looks just identical to one of the ufo images that the CIA commented on a few weeks back. Disclosure is coming very soon I think.

  14. Miles: REMEMBER the Military SPACE fence NANOTECHNOLOGY geoengineering chemicals and EVIL GOVT HALOGENS
    see Elana Freeland Military space fence, Remember 100% of those Clouds Are TOXIC MILITARY CHEMICALS

  15. If you're stuck in a traffic jam, and you want to find out why, I would ask a truck driver (if you don't want to look to the media). The truck drivers, at least the highway drivers almost all have a two-way radio of some form or another inside their rig. They communicate with each other when these things happen, and they're stopped from doing their job. They need to know, as their boss will need to know, in order to make alternate arrangements.

  16. Miles, How come you never posted your video with Alfred Weber..? Alfred never posted the interview either….. Please post it….

  17. If you join the fb group OVNI Portugal theres a very recent ufo sighting filmed and recently been posted.

  18. Nice can someone send it Trump 😉😂love your video in Glendale Arizona

  19. Its not a UFO Miles its a Chinook Helicopter=they fly over London all the time- its blatantly obvious

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