Be Careful Where You Sleep…

Tales From The Road – Episode 2. A woman speaks about her experience being abducted by aliens. The incident took place inside a home in the farm town of Shafter, California. The plot thickens when the lady says her son was also abducted by aliens, in the same way, in the same house, from the same bedroom.

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  1. Wow! I'd definitly no doubt about it, be gone
    Thanks. You guys do some really cool stuff. Prayers for you and all the people affected by the wildfires. Stay s afe

  2. If anyone would like to listen I would like to tell the story of my 3 year old little girl….her mother wrote everything our 3 year old said down and kept the pictures she drew it's hair raising this was not that long ago my daughter is only about to be 5 now…what she woke up and asked her mother then told her will stay with me forever

  3. What's scary is that I've heard alien abductions usually happen around the Witching Hour at 2:40AM or at 3:00AM. That's when lots of people are asleep. Plus, the alien abductions commonly happen to people who live out in the middle of nowhere, or away from civilization.

  4. When I was 8 years old. I slept at my grandparents house in New Orleans. I was sleeping on the couch(the kitchen was to my left) I heard"scurrying"type sounds coming from the kitchen.i looked,saw nothing.i looked straight up and saw a giant"praying mantas"looking back at me. I screamed, but nothing came out. Then,I blacked out.(I was about 1 mile from the river and 2 miles fr I'm the lake.

  5. Aliens do exist no doubt about it I live in Arizona and I’ve had three UFO experiences. First time was when I was heading to my aunts in a car with my family, there was a bright white light hovering over houses. It was pitch black I live by South Mountain in Phoenix Arizona. I didn’t think much about it at the time I was only a kid. Second experience was amazing and I wasn’t the only one who seen it. It was my brother, dad and I coming back home from swimming at my aunts house right by our neighborhood there was a UFO with lighting colors I would say red, blue green and white. I swear it was about a block away and about three stories tall my dad was driving slowly towards it. We were all in shock like (wtf did that just happen) the ufo then quickly flew away it was afternoon that day flying by houses as if it were looking for something. My third experience was also in a car ride, the whole family were together it was dark outside and I kid you not I seen some sort of spacecraft high in the sky as I was looking over the sky with no lights this time. I was the only one who seen it, my little brother was sleeping in the car tried waking him up so I can show him but by the time he woke up it aaa gone. And I knew something was above us because there were stars and I seen like a shadow of a UFO it was pitch black. There was different types of UFO’s my second experience has a shape almost like a pyramid in a triangular shape I’ve seen many videos and have seen the exact same UFO even heard stories about people seeing a pyramid shaped UFO with lighting colors. Not sure about this but I have woken up to bite marks in places that was impossible for me to do. Looked more like a bruise and the bite marks would last for about a week it’s crazy because it wouldn’t hurt. I’ve had bite marks on my calves and behind my arms where my elbow is. These bite marks didn’t look human. Ever since I got older I’ve been staying up late at night and sleeping during the day it’s my regular sleeping schedule now. One video on YouTube that was 100% real was The Phoenix Lights many people have seen it with their own eyes I recommend people watch that if you still don’t believe in aliens💯

  6. I remember UFO Seekers made awesome video's hunting UFO's in the dessert. With a very pleasing atmosphere / style in shots and sound. Not going to lie that I am not so an fan of the current route of video's. I will NEVER hit the dislike button. But as a follower for a long time i wanted to share my 'critism', as far u care. Cheers

  7. We can see it in the opening of the olympics back in 2012. However…Christ is my Stronghold, my Refuge, my Shelter, my Banner my King. WHO will be able to stand before him??

  8. It is easy enough to ridicule, but why would you do that? As a psychological defence mechanism? She may be telling what (she really thinks) happened to her. If it is ‘just’ a psychological phenomenon it deserves to be studied closely, because probably millions of people experience (or suffer from) it. If it really involves forces outside of our own psyche (visitors from another place or time or ‘dimension’), well, then of course it absolutely needs our complete and serious attention.

  9. Even as a believer I’ve slept in my car in way far off places worldwide purposely away from people but still have never experienced or seen anything. From the desolate stretches of New Zealand and Australia, Canada, and many places in the woods here in California and the Pacific Northwest. The only one time it was really creepy of all the times I purposely pulled off the road far off from others was after an 8 hour drive to Milford sound at the beginning of this year in the mountains near there at 3 am where there are those creepy cypress tree tunnels looming over you and it was raining the majority of the time driving there with lightning. Creepiest part was seeing lightning right near you but nothing hearing thunder at all and the lightning being purple in color instead of the usual blue

  10. I don’t know if there are Aliens visiting earth but I’m not ruling out the impossible either, always keep an open mind.

  11. What's up with this creepy cinematics? I appreciated the interview, but everything else going was actually disturbing..

  12. It’s the most scary experience you could ever have, but the strange thing is, you don’t mind and want to see them again. Videos on my channel including my scoop marks from a alien medical examination.


  14. They've found me no matter where ive moved to. Started when I was really young; I'm 51 now and they continue check in.

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